Pause Community

Are you brand new to meditation?
Have you dabbled with an app or tried on your own, but aren't sure you're doing it "right" or can't make it a daily habit?

Would your practice benefit from a group setting with feedback, accountability, and camaraderie? 
If you answered yes to any of the above, our community is for you.

Our courses teach you all of the necessary skills to develop your practice, and our daily meditation classes offer accountability and support to grow and deepen your practice in a warm, thriving community.

Our multi-week courses provide structure, accountability, and huge support to jumpstart, deepen, or nourish your practice.

Pause daily for 30, 45, or 60 minute classes to slow down, practice, and connect with inspiring teachers + fellow meditators.

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Our workshops + special events offer a wide variety of nourishment – from sound baths and yoga nidra to anti-inflammatory wisdom.

What type of meditation does Pause teach?

Whether you take a course, class, or private session, you'll experience our Pause Method which combines insights from neuroscience, positive psychology, and wisdom traditions into a simple, non-religious approach to training the mind.