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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

8 Week Foundations Program ~ In-Person or Online

• Get unstuck

• Feel calmer and more at ease

• Find greater freedom from anxiety and overwhelm

• Share connection & community support with others on a similar journey

• Gain a comprehensive set of tools and practices to boost your wellbeing 


Welcome to MBSR

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) infuses the energy of mindfulness into your everyday life by systematically training your mind to break free from cycles of stress, anxiety, exhaustion, and unhappiness.

MBSR is the #1 most scientifically researched mindfulness program in the world.

The Pause MBSR program has helped hundreds of participants get unstuck, find greater freedom from anxiety and overwhelm, and discover a deeper sense of resilience in everyday life.

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Spring/Summer Programs 2024

Space is limited so we recommend registering early!

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Ryan Kenny

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Wednesday Evenings

6:30-9pm PT
at Pause Studio

Class 1: April 3

Class 2: April 10

Class 3: April 17

Class 4: April 24

Class 5: May 1

All Day Retreat: May 4

Class 6: May 8

Class 7: May 15

Class 8: May 22

Registration for our Spring program is now closed. 


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Monday Evenings

6:30-9pm PT
Online via Zoom

Class 1: July 8

Class 2: July 15

Class 3: July 22

Class 4: July 29

Class 5: Aug 5 

All Day Retreat: Aug 10

Class 6: Aug 12

Class 7: Aug 19

Class 8: Aug 26

Sliding Scale Tuition

$395, $565, or $725

We offer a “Pay what you can" model. Please pay more, if you can, to help support those less able to pay.


Full refunds are available after the free info session, before the first class.

Free Info Sessions



We strongly encourage you to attend a free info session to learn more about the program, ask questions, and explore whether MBSR is the right fit for you.



Connect with Ryan

If you have questions or want to connect about whether MBSR is the right program for you, you're welcome to schedule a complimentary 1:1 discovery call with Ryan.

Course Format


You'll meet once per week as a class and then engage in ongoing home practice material throughout the rest of the week. This course also includes one 7-hour Saturday retreat.

MBSR Scholarships


If you are experiencing financial hardship at this time and need support, we have scholarship opportunities and payment plans available.

Stories from Pause MBSR Graduates

Pause Studio, Downtown PDX

What You'll Receive in this Course

MBSR is a structured program that helps you incrementally build the foundation and tools to engage in your life more fully. Course components include:

  • Eight weekly 2.5 hour classes

  • ​One 7-hour weekend practice retreat 

  • 31 hours of direct instruction and feedback

  • 180 minutes of guided audio meditation practices

  • Daily home practice assignments (45-60 mins per day)

  • Guided training in mindfulness meditation practices

  • Gentle stretching and mindful movement 

  • Group discussions to deepen understanding of material

  • Reciprocal sharing and learning from others on a similar path

  • MP3/audio downloads to facilitate home practice

  • MBSR Digital Workbook with readings and exercises

  • Access to the Pause MBSR Graduate Community for sustaining support and connection!

How MBSR Can Change Your Life

MBSR is an evidence-based course with thousands of programs worldwide that have helped people learn, grow and heal. A majority of participants who complete the program consistently report the following benefits:

Lasting improvements in physical and psychological symptoms

Capacity to take better care of oneself

Ability to enjoy life and live with more ease

Reduced pain levels and improved ability to cope with persistent pain

Ability to more effectively manage daily stressors

Increased energy levels

Enhanced relationships and self-esteem

Greater meaning in daily life

Who Will Benefit From This Course

In short, anyone eager to lower stress levels and get back in the driver's seat of their personal well-being and happiness will benefit from MBSR.


The Pause MBSR program has helped people with the following:

  • General work / life stress

  • Illness / new diagnosis

  • Chronic pain

  • Divorce / separation

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Grief

  • Sleep disorders

  • Navigating a career change

  • Improving overall mental health + wellbeing

  • Finding more ease + balance

  • Boosting resilience ​

What People Are Saying About This Course

The Pause MBSR course seriously changed my life! I have learned so many amazing tools to navigate in the world. It has improved my health, my relationships, and my overall sense of purpose. Pause is an amazing community that I am so grateful to have found.  – Mary G.

Pause's MBSR course gave me a deep, lasting sense of calm and safety. Ryan's teachings come back to me often. I trust myself more when life throws me curve balls, and know that I'm going to be okay. I'm so happy I made the choice to join MBSR, and would recommend it to anyone.  – Diana B.

I learned a lot about myself. I've discovered a regular and fulfilling practice and my stress levels continue to decrease in a noticeable way. Acquaintances and family members have commented on how much calmer I seem (most of the time, no one's perfect)! Meditation and mindfulness have truly helped me lead a calmer balanced life. I feel so lucky to have the Pause Meditation studio in my wellness arsenal here in Portland.  – Katy K.

Ryan is the consummate professional and demonstrates a clear and compassionate understanding of his subject matter. He navigates his MBSR course with gentle and discerning care, all the while creating a welcoming environment for his students to explore their own edges in a supportive space. Great studio, great people. Great opportunity for growth! Take the class... you'll be glad you did.  – Adam B.

I was searching for a meditation course and studio that would allow me to learn how to meditate, how to develop a practice, and ultimately lead to feeling calmer. Pause Meditation and Ryan Kenny provided an incredible life-enriching experience that will forever shape how I accept things in life and be kinder to myself and others. As a result, I feel less stress in my life and have a renewed sense of personal growth. The 8-week MBSR course is a comprehensive way for a beginner to learn how to meditate and honestly, feel more alive. I highly recommend Pause for anyone! What a gift!"  – Mariko O.

A secular, science-based, Western meditation and mindfulness program. No hype. I highly recommend the eight-week course. It's arduous if you do the home practice (which you need to do to get the benefits), but worth the effort. Ryan is a common-sense, kind, highly-experienced teacher. I'm not one for superlatives, but this program was well worth my time and effort (and the fees are low).  – Rich S.

Looking back, I'm extremely grateful I set aside the time to cultivate a deeper practice within the structure of an MBSR course. The course was a great way to start/improve/reset my mindfulness, meditation, and yoga practice. In addition, I saw the same faces each week, which means I had a built-in, supportive community. These people (including Ryan) experienced the journey with me and at the same pace. During those eight weeks, I learned a lot about myself, other people, and mindfulness in general. I was sad when it ended. I'm impressed that Ryan is willing to extend our experience by inviting us to participate in future silent retreats.  – Lauren M.

I walked into my first class not knowing anyone and not knowing entirely what to expect and found an incredibly warm, inviting atmosphere. The space itself really puts you at ease...and I found my MBSR classes to be the most grounding things I'd ever participated in. I find myself taking more time to sit in quiet reflection, with better tools for doing so. I sit with my emotions better, not trying so hard to reject them. I've left each class with something valuable--whether it was something to really think on or simply a sense of warmth and acceptance of life as it is to carry with me for the rest of the week.  – Meg H.

A solid two thumbs up for Pause Meditation! I took the Pause MBSR course and was really impressed. Ryan is grounded, heart-filled & practical. There were participants with a variety of meditation experience levels and he was able to meet us where they were at. He also made himself available to follow up with us after the class ended. Super helpful! This isn't one-size-fits-all stereotypical meditation/mindfulness.  – Verna B.

MBSR is a great experiential way to build up a new meditation practice or deepen an existing practice. It's not a class based on reading and theory, but rather building up a habit gradually. I took the class and loved having a cohort of meditation buddies. The class features 8 weeknight meetings and an 'All-Day' meditation retreat (all guided), which is not a small commitment - but is definitely worth the investment if you're interested in getting more into meditation.  – Grace C. 

Pause is a calming, inviting, open-minded meditation group that practices mindfulness. It provides a wonderful place and heart-warming atmosphere to step away from our busy lives to simply stop, breathe, and appreciate the present moment. The hosts are kind-hearted people who make you feel 'at home' and the guided meditations are calming and pleasantly rewarding. Whether you are looking for a place to try mindful meditation or are experienced in other practices, I definitely recommend looking into Pause and connecting with their friendly community.  – Noel J.


Pause was recognized as the Top Mindfulness Center in Portland in 2022! Check it out here.

Course Curriculum Overview 

MBSR Graduate Practice Community


At the end of the 8-week course, you'll be invited to join our wonderful MBSR Grad Community that gathers for weekly EVERYDAY MBSR classes, monthly grad practice sessions, retreats, and more sustaining support to keep your practice alive!

Join the Stress Reduction Program Today!


We'd love to talk with you.

Phone: 503.343.4831

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