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Client Impact

We create space to support each employee as a whole person so they can thrive at work and at home.

The following quotes and case studies are a representation of the impact of our Pause at Work programming on employees and organizations.

Words from Our Client Partners

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"Higher education has never been in a more stressful period of volatility and change. We asked Pause to do resiliency and stress relief work with my leadership team, with our leadership development program, and also more general staff sessions.


It has been one of our best investments. Our people are better equipped to handle the pressures of the work, feel more engaged, and I believe we will see stronger retention for those who completed a Pause workshop. It feels like we can breathe again. We knew Pause worked with some of the highest performing companies in the US. Now we know why."

Paul LeBlanc, Southern New Hampshire University


"Rena and Ryan with Pause have been fantastic partners in supporting the wellness of our team and their families. First, they spent quality time up front designing and tailoring the program and toolkit to meet the needs and expectations of our team.


They took time to understand our business, our culture and shared language, our challenges and our key stakeholders. Second, they were incredibly organized and responsive throughout the year and beyond that we have worked together. They provided insights to increase engagement and also monitor effectiveness and continually tailored and tweaked aspects of the delivery and measurement.


As a professional services provider committed to high quality client service, ourselves, to receive that same level of white glove service we deliver from one of our service providers ensured engagement and stronger results for our team. We will absolutely continue to partner with the Pause at Work team as they have become a trusted partner."

Elise Parker, CBIZ ARC Consulting

Director, Technical Accounting Advisory, and DEI Leader

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As a triple bottom line company (people, planet, profit) we are always looking for ways to help reduce our staff’s stress and to help them become more resilient. Ryan and Rena at Pause led a program for us that delivered on both counts! They are engaging and humble teachers who helped our staff learn mindfulness techniques to reduce stress, understand triggers, and become more present both at work and at home. They are a great addition to our employee wellness program!”

Paul Schwer, PAE Consulting Engineers



“The women’s resource group was talking about what people are saying, the pressure and anxiety and fear about returning to the office and the impacts on their lives. The mindful workshop hosted by Pause was something that really was calling out to our employees.


The first workshop focused on staying calm and bringing clarity to the emotions employees are dealing with and helping managers connect to coworkers who might be struggling. It also covered the science and thinking behind positivity and finding hope and joy in life while acknowledging negative thinking.


The first workshop drew 400 attendees and the second 1,000 employees, some of them outside the region. The facilitator Ryan walks employees and leaders through those complex emotions and gets them thinking about how to recognize what’s behind those emotions and acknowledge they’re real and not alone.”

Stacey Dodson, U.S. Bank

Market President, Portland and Southwest Washington

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Case Study

CBIZ Advisory 2C #2 (1).png

The data below represents our partnership with CBIZ ARC and their team of 70 employees and leaders over a year-long period from January through December of 2022. The results are based on a 23-question assessment taken before and at the end of the program and measure results in four primary focus areas: STRESS RELIEF, MINDFUL AWARENESS, EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, AND SELF-COMPASSION.

Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 10.42.14 AM.png

"My stress levels have decreased and although I'm a planner at heart, I'm finding that I see improvements in handling unplanned situations."


"I feel like I can better handle stressful situations or at least be able to bounce back quicker after they happen."


Prior to taking the program, 39 percent of participants reported positive behaviors related to stress relief. At the end of the program, this metric increased to 60 percent (a positive increase of 21 percentage points).

"I am less reactive, less anxious, have better work-life balance and have better connections with people."


Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 10.51.44 AM.png

"[This program gave me] the ability to understand how the mind is working and tools to use to help manage thoughts, stress and other challenges."


"I found the emails with quotes, tips, articles, etc the most beneficial. They really changed my outlook on life by only stopping for a few minutes each week to read them."


Prior to taking the program, 30 percent of participants reported positive behaviors related to mindful awareness. At the end of the program, this metric increased to 59 percent (an increase of 29 percentage points).

"I now savor the small moments in my day-to-day life: a sunset, the first sip of coffee in the morning, listening to my favorite song on the drive from point A to point B."


Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 3.48.17 PM.png

Prior to taking the program, 40 percent of participants reported positive behaviors related to emotional intelligence. At the end of the program, this metric increased to 60 percent (an increase of 20 percentage points).

"I don't immediately react when I have a negative emotion, I take time to process and then respond."


"[This program helped me recognize that] I am not alone in my stress and feelings. I think our world is one where sometimes talking about your mental health and feelings can be perceived as a weakness, however, this program allowed me to see the strength in sharing."


"I am just much more aware of everything, my own perspective, my openness to others, my biases, others biases. I feel so much better equipped to deal with the normal challenges of life and work."


Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 3.48.53 PM.png

"I noticed myself appreciating certain things more like my daily walk to work and finding times in my day to give myself self-care."


"[The program increased] my ability to manage my thoughts, be accepting of how my mind works, name it and move on."


Prior to taking the program, 47 percent of participants reported positive behaviors related to self-compassion. At the end of the program, this metric increased to 73 percent (an increase of 26 percentage points).

"I made friends with my inner critic which helped a lot with my CPTSD. Thank you!"


The table below represents all percentage changes for participants across individual assessment questions.

Pause at Work – Resilience Training Programs_DRAFT AUGUST 2.jpg

"I use the Pause strategies daily, both at work and at home. They have had a positive impact on my satisfaction at work through difficult times and help me to interact and collaborate more effectively."


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