Live Stream Meditation Classes

Feel calmer, less stressed, and more resilient.

We love meditating with you in person, but while our studio is still closed (read reopening update here), we have a unique and wonderful opportunity to offer you live virtual practice with our exceptional teachers, from the comfort of your own home.

A quick reminder of the amazing benefits of this practice:


– Reduced stress, anxiety, and fear

– Strengthened immune system

– Better sleep 

– Less reactivity, wiser decisions

– Sense of calm, connection, and hope

We look forward to meditating with you in the cloud soon!



On a computer or desktop?

Book on the Pause x MindBody website.

On a mobile device?

Book via the MindBody app. In the app, just search for Pause Meditation.


We have a new student 2-week intro offer, an affordable monthly membership, class packages, or a single drop-in pass. Choose whichever option works best for you at checkout!


You will receive the Zoom link to join your live class via email 1-hour before your class begins!

If you book within 1-hour of the class start time, you will receive the link within a few minutes.

Want to bring a friend or partner? Great!

Have them book their own virtual cushion or email us or call 503.343.4831 and we'll gladly help you book.

Having issues booking? Reach out!

Email us or call 503.343.4831. We're happy to help.


Pause was an amazing find. The space is centrally located, clean and welcoming. The group is always diverse. It's a great way to reset your mind + body and learn pragmatic tips for quieting down in a busy world. You can trust that the techniques taught here are well researched and effective.


– Reuben B.



Curious about our mindfulness meditation classes?

Check out these frequently asked questions below. 

I’ve never meditated or taken a class before. How do I get started?

  • If you're a beginner, we recommend the following classes to get started:
    • Awaken: Intention (Monday mornings)
    • Awaken: Calm (Tuesday mornings)
    • Awaken: Ease (Thursday mornings)
    • Unwind: Breathe (Monday evenings)
    • Pause: Stress Relief (Tuesday evenings)
    • Awaken: Happiness (Friday mornings)
    • Energize: Moving Meditation (Tues/Thurs mornings)
    • Refresh (Wed/Fri lunchtime)

  • A great next step is our Focus + Calm 4-week foundations course. This course offers a solid foundation to establish your own ongoing meditation practice at home and you'll learn a variety of tips and tools to bring mindfulness into your daily life.

For IN-PERSON classes ~ Can I just "drop-in" or do I need to book a cushion in advance?

If possible, we encourage you to register online in advance to make the check-in process a bit quicker, but it’s not necessary. If you prefer to drop-in without a reservation, just make sure to check the schedule in advance as we do occassionally have class cancellations due to holidays and events. If a class is cancelled, you will see the word "CANCELLED" next to the class listing.

For IN-PERSON classes ~ Where do I park and enter the building?

Our studio is located at 133 SW 2nd Avenue, Suite 300, 97204:

  • We're in the Haseltine building above E-San Thai on the 3rd floor (look for the Pause a-frame sign outside of the main entrance).
  • If the front doors are locked, please use the call box located to the right of the double doors and we'll buzz you in.
  • Head straight through the front doors and take the elevator up to the 3rd floor. Note: the stairs are locked, so you will need to take the elevator up to the studio; you're welcome to take the stairs on your way out!
  • There is metered parking throughout the neighborhood (free after 7pm). If you’d prefer (or you’re in a time pinch) there are paid parking lots within a couple blocks of the studio.

Can I reserve spots for guests besides myself?

Yes, please register yourself for the class you'd like to attend, then email us the first and last name of your guest and we'll help you book a cushion for them.

For IN-PERSON classes ~ Can I come to class late?

We close the door promptly at class start time, and do not allow late-arrivals, so please arrive 5-10 minutes before class. Thanks for your consideration!

What's your cancellation policy?

If you’ve reserved a cushion and can’t make it, please “early cancel” your reservation through MindBody at least one hour before the scheduled class time and your class will be credited to your account for future use. If you “late cancel” (within one hour before class) then you will still pay for the class, even though you do not attend.

For IN-PERSON classes ~ What should I wear to class?

You can meditate in any type of clothing, but we recommend wearing clothes you're comfortable in. If you come straight from work, no problem – you can sit in your work clothes without issue. You may also like to come in workout clothing or sweats.

For IN-PERSON classes ~ What will I sit on in class?

We have a variety of meditation supplies to meet individual needs including benches, cushions, mats, floor chairs with backs (for extra back support), yoga mats, and good ol’ chairs. There’s no one right way to sit in meditation, and there's a posture option for everyone. You can even lie down if you'd like. Not sure what kind of seating is best for you? No worries - just ask your instructor and they’ll help you find the right supports.

I have an injury and can't sit on the floor, can I still meditate comfortably?

Yes. If you have back problems, you’re welcome to lay down flat on a yoga mat or meditation mat or if you prefer you can sit in a chair, that’s great too.

What if I can't sit still?

Holding still is encouraged during meditation, but it’s definitely okay if you need to shift your posture or seating position if you are new to the practice. Once you start to develop your practice, you may want to remain still and bring some curiosity to the experience of discomfort.

For IN-PERSON classes ~ Can I bring my cell phone to class?

Yes, no problem. Once you arrive, please make sure you put it on silent/do-not-disturb or airplane mode. Thanks for your consideration as we create a peaceful space where we can all unplug!

Does Pause offer courses?

Yes we do! Head over to our courses page to learn more.

Does Pause offer corporate/workplace mindfulness trainings?

We do! You can find more information on our Workplace Mindfulness page.

For IN-PERSON classes ~ Is the studio ADA accessible?

Yes, the studio is ADA accessible (elevator access available from main floor).