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Our classes offer a variety of themes and deliver fresh content each week. Join as often as you'd like and you’ll always learn something new.

Just like exercise, the research shows that consistency is key and sitting weekly with a community helps you keep up the practice at home and in life. You can buy single passes, 5 and 10 class packages, or enroll in our monthly membership program to get unlimited access to drop-ins and complimentary guest passes.

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Pause was an amazing find. The space is centrally located, clean and welcoming. The group is always diverse. It's a great way to reset your mind + body and learn pragmatic tips for quieting down in a busy world. You can trust that the techniques taught here are well researched and effective.


– Reuben B.





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Tuesday Evenings

7:15-8pm  |  $14 Drop-In

P A U S E is our signature class. It offers newcomers and experienced meditators the chance to develop and deepen your practice in a community of likeminded people. You'll learn something new each week -- like short life lessons and meditation techniques -- to help you access and maintain inner peace, release stress, and discover joy. Most importantly, you'll create a little extra space in your week to let go of your to-do list, relax, and fully connect with the present moment.

Meditation 101

Saturday Mornings

11-12:15pm  |  $14 Drop-In

New to meditation? There are plenty of misguided notions about what meditation is and how it’s supposed to work. This 75 minute class guides you through the basics –from how to sit, to the what and why of training your mind. This is a great class to take once or twice, then move on to our other offerings. You'll leave with foundational techniques and tools to begin practicing all forms of meditation and can give 'em a spin in your next class!


Saturday Mornings

9-10am  |  $14 Community Drop-In

Neuroscience has revealed something exciting: just like learning to play an instrument, you can improve your well-being  through simple daily practices. In this weekly class, you'll explore a wide variety of tools and techniques to cultivate wellbeing and learn skills to improve your quality of life in every sphere.


Sunday Evenings

5-6pm  |  $14 Drop-In

Scientists once believed people had a set happiness index. Not today. Did you know meditation increases the gray matter in your brain, helping you regulate your emotions, control stress levels, and feel greater connection with others? In this class, you'll learn science-backed practices that help train your mind and body for a deeper, more accessible sense of happiness in every day life.


Mon, Wed, Fri

12:30-1pm  |  $14 Drop-In

One of the healthiest things you can do during the day is give your mind and body a true break. Unplug, relax, and let us guide you through a 30 minute calming meditation that'll leave you feeling balanced and clear. You'll be surprised what a huge impact a half hour meditation can have on your day. Come see for yourself.

Interested in taking a meditation course?

Our courses provide structure, accountability, and huge support for you to build and establish a mindfulness practice in your life.



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