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Pause Classes

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Class Themes

  pause CALM  

A calm presence paves the way for ease, creativity, and the capacity to be fully connected to what's most important to you. In this class, you'll be gently guided through a variety of body-based practices to cultivate a foundation of inner calm and find grounding throughout your day, no matter what you encounter.

  pause CLARITY  

Emotions are valuable and play a huge role in your life. In this class, you’ll build your emotional intelligence by exploring practices that help you attune to your inner landscape (mind, body, and heart), make space for your deeper intentions, navigate difficult experiences, and take wise action to connect more easily and confidently with yourself and others.

  pause CREATIVITY  

Creativity is an innate capacity and a skill that can be trained and strengthened in every one of us. This class will help you explore how to release fixed perspectives, create S P A C E to engage your life freshly, and choose new, creative responses to areas where you feel stuck. As you open to new realms of possibility, you’ll cultivate an inner reservoir of strength, motivation, and happiness.

  pause CONNECTION  

At the center of our humanity is the capacity to care deeply about ourselves, our families and coworkers, our communities – everyone. In this class, you’ll learn practices to build empathy and compassion, nurture inner peace, and make conscious choices for how to live a more connected, healthy, and satisfying life.


This grad-level class provides a weekly anchor for practice, learning, and community support for MBSR graduates. Together each week we’ll share practice, discussion, and inquiry to consistently bring the insights and teachings of MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) into our daily lives and to sustain our intentions for greater balance, mindful living, and true self-care.

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January: Happiness

February: Attachment

March: Rest

April: Creative Living

May: Nature

June: Authenticity

July: Anger

August: Wonder

September: Surrender

October: Neuroplasticity

November: Love

December: Hope


Monthly Community Practice Themes


Join us for this inspiring, wisdom-filled community sit. We'll explore the foundational elements of wellbeing and resilience through community discussion, connection, and guided practice. You'll walk away with practical tools to boost your resilience and improve your quality of life in every sphere.

How it Works

Thematic classes.

Our weekly live classes are 30-60 minutes and offer specific themes. You'll learn something new each class – like short life lessons and meditation techniques – while tapping into an inspiring community of fellow meditators!

All classes also incorporate a monthly "umbrella" theme that we explore as a community to help you deepen your mindfulness insights, grow your practice through a specific lens, and build resilience in your everyday life


We also offer regular workshops on a variety of themes that are 60-120 minutes and are included with your membership.

Sign up.

In the class schedule above, choose the class you'd like to take and follow the steps to checkout.

Join a live online class.

Once you've signed up, login to Punchpass and click the "Join Live Class" button in the header. You will also receive an email with a link to join your class 20 minutes before it begins.

Join an in-person class.

Once you've signed up, you'll receive a confirmation email with details for how to find and access our Pause Studio. Feel free to show up a few minutes early to enjoy a cup of tea before your class. Just bring yourself – we have all of the props you need!

Joy-based membership model.

Pause offers a membership model rooted in the spirit of gratitude and generosity (called "dāna" in many wisdom traditions). ​When you sign up for a class, you will be asked to choose a membership amount that feels most aligned and joyful for you.​

Crystal Salt

Walk Slowly, Poem by Danna Faulds – Read by Rena Satre Meloy

Danna Faulds Poetry Reading

Go to any of Pause's classes, and it will be the best thing you did that day. Pause creates a safe, nurturing, and supportive space to explore the scope of our consciousness and attention and to uncover what/who we are behind the noise of our busy buzzing minds, lives and world.  – Kerry S.

I'm new to meditation but this group is very welcoming and it's so nice to take some time to unwind.  – Stefan M.

I started meditating with Pause shortly after moving to Portland and could not be happier with the teachers and community. They put so much thought and attention into all of the practices and approach mindfulness from a very practical place. It was refreshing to find a secular program that managed to host such insightful guided practices.  – Danielle R.

The meditation style is secular and based on scientific evidence for stress reduction, so anyone who is open to trying and sitting for meditation can get into it. There's no pressure to 'do' meditation in any particular way, e.g. there aren't specific rituals or chanting like some meditation styles. Perfect for a beginner looking to try meditation but also perfect for someone looking to deepen their practice in a group setting.  – Grace C.

I always leave here feeling better than I did when I walked in. It’s my little 'reset' button. And it’s totally welcoming, sans hippie stuff (though I don’t mind a little Nag Champa now and then)! Expect awesome people, all coming together to take a collective breather from 'doing mode'. Pause is an essential part of my wellness routine.  – Katy K.

As someone just beginning their meditation practice, I appreciate the research backed methods used by the instructors which help me develop my wellness muscles. The impacts of meditation with a live, in person guide and in person co-meditators is, for me, the pinnacle of the practice.  – Russ W.

This place is top notch. The owners are incredibly friendly and professional. Warm attitude and grateful for sure. The location is convenient, the room is comfortable, and they personalize your visit. It's a real gem in PDX - I will for sure be back! – Andrew H.

Pause is an incredible, open, inviting, and patient method/group and works with a full range from the "experienced" meditator to the "beginner" looking for an alternative way of relaxing the mind's wanderings. I've been about 25 times now, and never a bad session, and I have always left reflecting on something new the group dynamic brought forth. – Pete F.

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