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4 Week Foundations Course


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July 19 - August 9

7-8:30pm PT

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Tuition = $349


Includes high-quality cushion + 2-month unlimited Pause membership ($165 value)!

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Course Format

  • 4 live stream classes (once per week for 90 minutes for 4 weeks)

  • Custom guided recordings for home practice each week

  • Home practice manual with course materials

  • Digital course platform with weekly mindful living exercises

  • 31 days of supported meditation + mindfulness practice

  • Community interaction, accountability, and support

What People Are Saying About This Course

I always told myself I couldn't meditate. The Focus + Calm course was extremely helpful and now I have daily, fulfilling practice!


– Jen F.

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David Sudar

A former Buddhist monk, David Sudar completed an intensive 21 month Vipassana meditation retreat in Myanmar with his core teacher, Sayadaw U Tejaniya, and continues to spend 1-2 months a year on silent retreat. He currently works as a meditation & Buddhist teacher, regularly teaching at Nike, the Yoga Space, and the Path of Sincerity Sangha.


David also holds a B.A. in Psychology, has completed a two-year training in Hakomi Mindfulness-Based Somatic Psychotherapy, and often weaves into his teaching his studies of Zen Buddhism, Classical Yoga, and over 4 years spent across 25+ countries. In both his work and personal life, his great passion is integrating ancient wisdom traditions with the realities of modern life.

Course Overview

In this course, you'll be guided through the foundations of mindfulness meditation, learn key tools and techniques, and establish the groundwork to begin your own meditation practice or deepen your current one.

  • Feel calmer and less stressed

  • Hone your focus
  • Develop greater presence

  • Learn tools and strategies to create a sustainable home practice

  • Integrate daily mindful habits

How This Course Can Change Your Life

Through simple daily practices, you will begin to cultivate the following qualities within yourself:


Improve your concentration and capacity to live in the moment with what's most important to you

Inner Peace

Begin training your mind to lower stress levels and calm anxious or depressed mind-states


Learn to slow down, find your center, and respond to the waves of daily life with greater ease


Learn to disengage autopilot and shape the life you want with purpose and direction


Tune-in to what is happening in each moment of your life with greater awareness and connection

Who Will Benefit From This Course

  • People who want to reduce stress and anxious feelings

  • People who want to increase their ability to focus and be more effective at work and in relationships

  • Suitable for ages 18 and older

  • People of all backgrounds (this course is accessible and understandable to everyone and applicable to any belief system)

Excellent Value

4 educational and experiential 90 minute classes

31 days of ongoing, supported meditation + mindfulness practice

Expert meditation instruction from a seasoned professional

Custom guided recordings for weekly home practice

Digital course platform with readings and exercises

Ongoing mindfulness coaching + feedback

Community interaction, accountability, and support

You'll Also Receive These Special Bonuses

Total added value of $165!




Choose a black or aqua cushion.

Value of $65 - yours to keep!



Value of $100



Course Curriculum

The Focus + Calm curriculum is science-based and developed by a mental health professional.



The Power of Mindfulness

  • The paradox of happiness

  • Foundations of meditation​​

  • PAUSE practice

Mountain Peak


Coming Home to Presence

  • Expanding the field of awareness

  • BODY SCAN practice

  • Cultivating non-reactivity

  • Mindful tools for greater presence

Man Walking Up Stairs


Befriending Difficulty

  • Practicing with EMOTIONS

  • Pitfalls of autopilot

  • Awareness of hidden habits

  • Skillfully navigating challenges

learning to surf.jpg


Learning to Surf

  • Practicing with THOUGHTS

  • Not believing everything you think

  • Riding the waves of distraction

  • Self-soothing

"Our networks of attention are our foremost means to shaping our lives; these networks give us extraordinary ways to master ourselves and our environment, offering the key to growth, connection, happiness.”

- Maggie Jackson

Focus + Calm: The Science

Evidence of Attentional Expertise in Long-Term Meditators

When MRI brain scans were taken of long-term meditators, the results showed that their brain regions associated with sustained attention and concentration were more activated than those of novice meditators. Read Full Study

Meditation Can Reduce Anxiety/Stress Reactivity and Promote Calm

One mindfulness study included 93 people with generalized anxiety disorder. This disorder causes exaggerated worry and tension over many different things, even when there is little or nothing to provoke it. At the end of the study, consistent meditation practice was associated with a significantly greater reduction in anxiety. Read Full Study

Mindfulness and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Changes in trait (or baseline) mindfulness are evident in pre- to post intervention studies of mindfulness training suggesting that mindfulness training may be a useful complementary tool for improving ADHD. Read Full Study

Advanced Neuroimaging and Focused-Attention Meditation

Neuroimagery and other technologies have helped scientists understand the cycle of events that unfolds in the brain during the practice of focused-attention meditation and specifically which areas of the brain are activated. View Diagram

Join the Course Today

Monday Evenings

July 19 - August 9

7-8:30pm PT

Live Online via Zoom

Tuition = $349

Includes high-quality cushion + 2-month unlimited Pause membership ($165 value)!

Registration for our summer course is now closed. To receive an email when we publish the fall course dates, please click the button below.


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