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Stress Reduction + Resilience Training

Fuel the very best in your leaders and teams

Reduce Stress,

Train Mental Fitness

Most attempts at positive change fail because we learn new useful concepts, but we don’t build new habits.


Developing a resilient mindset and a balanced nervous system requires laying down fresh neural pathways to form new habits through consistent daily practice. That’s what our Pause Method® empowers your leaders and teams to do.

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Our Approach

Promote the wellbeing and performance of your people with bite-sized interventions designed for time-limited professionals.


We know you're busy. Our Pause approach is designed to be easy to implement and run. Your people show up, we do the rest.


We are not an app. Our live interactive trainings, on-demand digital toolkits, and inspiring content drive the highest employee engagement.


We work with you to provide a solution that fits your unique budget, delivers measurable outcomes, and provides ROI that lasts.

Our Programs

Our Programs

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Discovering Resilience ~ Introductory Workshop

For Employees or Teams


Discover the capacity to build personal and collective resilience. Your team members will learn a science-backed framework to mindfully prevent burnout, develop greater balance and ease, and take better care of their most valuable asset – their mind. They’ll leave refreshed and equipped with starter tools to begin folding resilience-boosting practices into their routine right away!

Standard Format* = 2-hour workshop  /  Virtual or In-Person

Sliding Scale Pricing (Sliding Scale) = $1,500 – 3,500

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Resilience + Wellbeing Workshops

For Employees or Teams


Offered a-la-carte or in a series, our workshops focus on specific topics from stress relief, sleep, and energy to creativity, happiness, and work-life balance. Give your employees a healthy dose of calm and help them discover the power of mindfulness through guided practices and science-based perspectives. Each workshop demonstrates how wellbeing is a skill and plants seeds of mindfulness through key insights and techniques that can be applied to work and every domain of life.

Standard Format* = 1-hour workshops  /  Virtual or In-Person

Sliding Scale Pricing = $1000 – 3,000

Everyday Resilience
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Everyday Resilience Training

For Leaders or Teams

In today's fast-paced, pressured, volatile business landscape, professionals face numerous challenges that are taking a toll on their mental and emotional wellbeing. The ability to bounce back from adversity and adapt skillfully through change is critical for employees to thrive in their roles and foster greater calm and confidence within their teams.


In this four-part training program, participants will learn the Pause Method® – an evidence-based approach to help them develop a foundation of non-judgmental self-awareness. The'll receive on-the-go tools to establish a reliable everyday routine that proactively cultivates mental fitness, reduces stress and anxiety, and improves effectiveness under pressure.


Standard Format* = 2 Month Program (4 x 90-min Trainings), Digital Resilience Toolkit, 1:1 Coaching, & More


Sliding Scale Pricing = $10,000 – 30,000

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Leadership Resilience ~ Half Day Immersive Retreat

For Leaders

In this 4-hour retreat, your leaders will harness their growth mindsets and dive deep into mindfulness practices to help them experience the significance of slowing down and mindfully paying attention to their direct experience. We'll explore various self-care tools and a life-changing set of skills for building resilience and emotional intelligence to help your leaders understand, monitor, and manage their stress levels. Attendees will leave feeling empowered with tools to better handle stressors, take greater control of their health, foster healthy high performance, and support one another in showing up as the best versions of themselves.


Standard Format* = 4 Hours


Sliding Scale Pricing = $7,500 – 15,000

*NOTE: We can customize all program formats to meet your org's unique schedules, objectives, and needs

Flexible Pricing

We've created a unique flexible pricing model that evolved out of respect for the origins of mindfulness and meditation practices which have been shared and passed down for thousands of years on a donation basis.

We offer sliding scale options for all offerings and approach pricing as a conversation in partnership with our clients. We will work with you to find a price that feels aligned and possible.

Delivering Value and a Clear ROI

Our impact assessments track measurable changes in wellbeing, performance, and growth that positively impact organizational outcomes. We are committed to measuring the impact of our work and supporting our clients partners in understanding the benefits of their investment.


of program participants report a reduction in stress

  Reduced healthcare costs

  Reduced absenteeism


of program participants report that they feel more resilient

  Greater sense of wellbeing

  Increased productivity


of program participants report feeling more connected to their colleagues and supported by their company

  Greater team cohesion

  Increased engagement

  Higher retention

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Ready to fuel resilience in your people? We are!

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