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Buddhist Living:
Embodying Love & Wisdom

8 Week Program ~ In-Person

"This program offers a play book on how we might be able to live a more peaceful, satisfied, and happier life."

~ John B.

Fall 2023 Program Participant


This course is essentially an answer to the question, “how does one live like a Buddhist in a life of 21st-century responsibilities, relationships, and challenges?” 


It will approach Buddhism not as a religion, an academic textbook, or a set of stripped-down secular practices, but rather as a well-rounded path for how to live well. You’ll learn the core philosophies, meditation techniques, and behavioral practices, focusing mostly on “trying it out in your daily life” and “seeing for yourself what happens.”

The course content will revolve around the two main teachings in Buddhism: the Four Noble Truths & the Noble Eightfold Path. 


We’ll also explore things like:

  • How your speech, consumption choices, sexual conduct, livelihood, and other “everyday actions” are just as important as meditation for developing genuine well-being.

  • How to develop and maintain love & non-reactivity amidst the challenges of daily life.

  • How to sink your teeth into the deeper wisdom teachings in a way that’s practical & brings genuine peace, including the teachings on not-self, impermanence, and craving = suffering, among others.

  • How all the pieces of Buddhism fit together, including the teachings on generosity, ethical conduct (i.e. the five precepts), the sublime attitudes (i.e. loving-kindness, appreciative joy, compassion, and equanimity), mindfulness of body+mind+feelings, various meditative techniques, karma, suffering, impermanence, and, ultimately, how all these work together to lead us into liberation.

Spring Schedule 2024

Space is limited so we recommend registering early!


Thursday Evenings from 6:45-8:45pm PT

Class 1: April 4

Class 2: April 11

Class 3: April 18

Class 4: April 25

Class 5: May 2

Class 6: May 9

Class 7: May 16

Class 8: May 23


Pause Studio® (downtown PDX, see map)

Cost & Commitment:

This course is offered on the "gift economy" – please see below.

Instructor: David Sudar (read bio)

Registration for this course is now closed.


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Course Notes

The course sessions will include a mixture of short lectures, small & large group discussions, guided meditation, and journaling exercises. There will also be optional but highly recommended between-week readings, reflections, and guided meditations. Attendance will be capped in order to ensure a community feel.


People of all backgrounds are welcome & respected, including atheists, Christians, the spiritually curious, longtime Buddhists, and everyone in between. Just come with an open mind!

Cost & Commitment

In staying in integrity with the 2,600-year-old Buddhist tradition, this course will be offered on the “gift economy;” aka on donation, as a practice of mutual giving and receiving!

As donation-based offerings are a bit foreign in our culture, we request that you read over this article on how to think about the financial part of donation-based courses. We trust that whatever you donate will be the perfect amount. No one will be turned away or judged for lack of funds.

Also, just as importantly, offered-on-donation doesn’t mean “come when you feel like it” or “only participate halfway.” While of course life happens and you may have to miss a week or two, we request that you make a genuine commitment to showing up and doing the practices – that’s the only real way to turn these teachings from a good idea into something that truly makes a difference in your life.

*Note that the registration software requires we put in a high and low amount for the cost; however, as described above, you are 100% welcome to donate whatever you feel called to :) 

David Bio

About the Instructor

David Sudar.jpg

Meet David Sudar

A former Buddhist monk, David Sudar completed an intensive 21 month Vipassana meditation retreat in Myanmar with his core teacher, Sayadaw U Tejaniya, and continues to spend 1-2 months a year on silent retreat. He currently works as a meditation & Buddhist teacher, regularly teaching with the 10% Happier App, Pause Meditation & the Path of Sincerity Sangha.


David also holds a B.A. in Psychology, has completed a two-year training in Hakomi Mindfulness-Based Somatic Psychotherapy, and often weaves into his teaching his studies of Zen Buddhism, Classical Yoga, and over 4 years spent across 25+ countries. In both his work and personal life, his great passion is integrating ancient wisdom traditions with the realities of modern life.

What People Are Saying About This Course

David’s class was amazing and so insightful. David did a great job of distilling the sometimes complicated Buddhist teachings into a useable and organized format. For the first time, I’ve been able to apply the knowledge to my own life, with an understanding of how to create an ongoing practice for myself.  


– Krista A.

As someone new to Buddhism, I found the style of teaching and the way the class was structured to be very effective. I also gained from the comments and questions from my classmates.  


– Anonymous

The mix of ways the material was delivered (discussion, one on one connection, email, meditation) made the concepts stick in a more profound way for me. David’s style of teaching is accessible, non-judgmental, comfortable and impactful.


– Sara G.

After completing the 8-week Buddhist Living course with David Sudar, I am approaching life with fresh perspective and purpose. David integrates his own Buddhism journey with engaging lectures and community supported dialogue to provide the tools you need to begin or deepen your practice. I highly recommend taking this course if you have ever thought about learning more about the teachings of Buddhism or if you want to feel a deeper sense of calm and happiness in your daily life.


– Amy S.

Thus course helped me take my meditation practice “off the cushion” and into the world..


– Olyssa S.

David’s guidance has been life-changing for me. His ability to explain the teachings and practice in a simple but powerful way has allowed me to see the dharma come to life on & off the cushion. 


– Bill Q.

David is a well-trained, kind, and wise teacher. He is an experienced teacher who delivers excellent content, above and beyond support, and cares about being helpful to his students. 


– Sophie P.

This course has been transformational - in just 8 weeks, I've witnessed myself changing as well as how I interact with others. I loved David's style of leading this course so much - he was engaging, light-hearted, and humble.


– Anonymous

David has an amazing and captivating way of making meditation and Buddhist concepts feel approachable, and definitely something we all can benefit from. David’s approach, is friendly and real, as he generously offers a play book on how we might be able to live a more peaceful, satisfied, and happier life.


– John B.

The Buddhist Living Workshop provided me with an in-depth look at incorporating powerful Buddhist ideals into my everyday life.


– Nate B.

The beauty of this course is exploring ancient wisdom with a modern lens, applying foundational teachings to relationships, work, technology and other current challenges.


– Kevin M.

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