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Guided Experiences

Help your people rest and recharge

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Guided Meditation

Interactive meditation journeys to relieve mental pressure/stress and engage the body’s natural capacity for restoration. Your team will be skillfully guided into a deep state of relaxation and a mental space that is warm and uplifting. Sessions close with team-building reflections that amplify positivity and connection.

Format = 30-120 minutes  |   Pricing = Starts at $500


Sound Baths

Treat your team to a complete mind-body “reset” sound bath experience! The quartz crystal bowl vibrations create an immersive sound journey that effortlessly calms the mind and body. This special container will help your team members feel cared for, connected, and replenished from head to toe. 

Format = 30-120 minutes  |   Pricing = Starts at $1,000

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Rejuvenation Retreats

These “mini” retreats create ample SPACE for your team to experience deep rest and develop a game plan to integrate proven stress-relief techniques into their workflow. They’ll leave with a stronger mind-body connection, group camaraderie and trust, and fresh insights to help them work and live from a place of greater resilience.

Format = 2–5 hours  |  Pricing = Starts at $3,000

Flexible Pricing

We've created a unique flexible pricing model that evolved out of respect for the origins of mindfulness and meditation practices which have been shared and passed down for thousands of years on a donation basis.

We’ve also worked with enough organizations now to know that there are vastly different budgets when it comes to mindfulness and resilience training.

We offer sliding scale options for all offerings and approach pricing as a conversation in partnership with our clients. We will work with you to find a price that feels aligned and possible.

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