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Mindful Eating & Joyful Embodiment

6 Week Program ~ Online

Spring Schedule 2024

Sunday Evenings from 5-6:30pm PT

Class 1: March 31

Class 2: April 7

Class 3: April 14

Class 4: April 21

Class 5: April 28

Class 6: May 5


Live Online via Zoom

Sliding Scale Tuition:

$150 - $350

We offer a “Pay what you can" model. Please pay more, if you can, to help support those less able to pay. Full refunds are available before the first class.

Instructor: Amy Kisei Costenbader

Registration for our spring program is now closed.

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I signed up for the Mindful Eating course thinking it would help me be more aware of my eating-related thoughts and habits and find tools to bring more mindful practices to my habits. It was some of that, and SO MUCH MORE. I was able to come to my thoughts, emotions, and habits with so much kindness and love (thanks to the teachings, practices, and resources). I was able to develop feelings of love and joy in my relationship to eating, as well as shopping, preparing the food, and even making the table. I feel [like I have] shifted and I have the tools to practice moving deeper into this shift - a shift towards kindness, presence, and deep savoring.  


– JOLINA R. Course Participant

About the Instructor

Amy Kisei is an authorized Zen teacher, IFS-informed spiritual counselor, meditation coach and mindfulness instructor. She has been practicing meditation for almost 20 years. Kisei has 12 years of monastic training and teaching experience from Great Vow Zen Monastery, and holds a BS in Earth Science and Gender Studies. She is trained in Mindful Eating through the University of California San Diego. Amy Kisei is also trained in IFS, Hakomi and Process Work Psychology and integrates these modalities into her facilitation and teaching when appropriate. Amy is intrigued by the mystery of life, in her free time she enjoys painting, poetry, her cat Sasha and mushroom hunting with her partner. Learn more about Amy Kisei by visiting her website

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We want to make sure this program is a great fit for you and can answer any questions you have.

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Eating is meant to be an enjoyable, even sacred activity that provides nourishment and energy so we can live our lives to the fullest. And yet, for many of us, our modern world has complicated our relationship with food. We receive constant messages about our body image and diet trends while navigating endless unhealthy food choices and busy lives.

For many of us, eating is far from enjoyable and nourishing. Instead, we find ourselves stuck in cycles of anxiety, emotional eating, shame and self-criticism.

In this interactive program, we'll explore the mechanisms behind emotional eating, learn simple strategies to begin to change unhealthy habits, learn to transform inner criticism into self-compassion, and rediscover the joy and nourishment of eating.

This class series is grounded in self-compassion. We aim to provide a safer space to explore, heal and transform some of the painful beliefs we may have taken on about ourselves, our bodies, or our habits around eating.

Mindful eating is a way to become reacquainted with the guidance of your internal nutritionist.



You'll meet with your instructor and cohort for six 90-min online classes to learn, practice, and experience guided exercises. Note: no meal or food prep is necessary.

At the end of each class, you'll be given specific home practices and activities to explore on your own throughout the week!

  • Mindfulness exercises

  • Guided meditation practices

  • Comprehensive digital Mindful Eating Toolkit 

  • Daily practice support throughout the course

  • Expert coaching and guidance

  • Community interaction, accountability, & support

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Mindfulness training has been proven to reduce stress, help with binge and emotional eating, and even change the size of your brain.


Key Learnings

  • Explore mindful strategies to skillfully navigate:

    • stress/emotional eating

    • mindless eating

    • overeating/undereating

  • Learn the 9 types of hunger

  • Surf urges and cravings

  • Develop self-compassion

  • Practice gratitude for your body

  • Cultivate emotional intelligence

  • Transform inner criticism

  • Rediscover the joy of eating + embodiment

How we eat is a reflection of how we live.

Weekly Themes + Curriculum

Click each week to expand details

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Phone: 503.343.4831

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