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Upcoming Offerings

Winter Replenish: A 7-Day Guided Journey 

with Brittany Soleil and Christopher Miller

Sunday, January 31 – Sunday, February 6

Sliding Scale Pricing

Online via Zoom

Winter allows us to replenish our nervous system, slow down, and build our resources. Align with the wisdom of Winter—restore, cultivate resiliency, and listen.


For one full week (January 31 - February 6), we will explore nourishing foods and herbs easily added to the diet. We will share informative videos and writing exercises that direct our listening inward and lean into the strong imperative to rest.

In this seven-day replenish, we will:

  • Share a restorative menu-plan with recipes and cooking techniques.

  • Break down calming, nervous-system-regulating herbs.

  • Discuss sleep hygiene and the importance of water.

  • Facilitate daily journaling and contemplation.

2021 Intentions:

Welcoming In the Year of the Yin Metal Ox

with Christopher Miller, LAc

Saturday, February 13 from 11-12:30pm PST

Cost: $20 / FREE for Pause Members!

Online via Zoom

How does the Chinese Zodiac, the Lunar New Year, and Seasonal Alignment help us better prepare for the year ahead?

Join Christopher Miller, LAc from the Portland Wellness Collective, in partnership with Pause, for an interactive workshop designed to connect you to your highest and best for 2021.


In this workshop, we will:


– Discuss the cyclical nature of time

– Dive deep into the unique qualities of 2021

– Align ourselves to the significant opportunities ahead

– Discern how to alleviate possible friction points


This workshop will include interactive discussion, journaling activities, and simple movement practice.


We hope you join us!

Beginner's Mind: Meditation 101 Workshop

with Maggie Medlin

Saturday, February 20 from 11-12:30pm PST

Suggested Donation: $0-$30

Online via Zoom

In this workshop, we’ll cover all the basics of beginning a meditation practice (or refining what you’ve already started with). Ever wonder how to get your leg to stop falling asleep? Or how to stay with an object that seems just too boring to capture your attention? And what if the mind is just racing with thoughts the whole time? No one is ever too “good” at meditating to run into these little quirks from time to time!


Here’s some of what we’ll explore:

  • finding a meditation posture that works for your body

  • choosing a meditation object

  • relaxing a tight, tense body

  • letting go of thinking, thinking, and more thinking


All experience levels are welcome!

Past Offerings

Align With Winter

Shifting into the Season of Storing, Conserving, and Replenishing

with Christopher Miller

Saturday, January 16 from 11-12:30pm PST

Cost: $20  /  FREE for Pause Members!

Online via Zoom

A new year, a new five-part series focusing on the Eastern Medicine perspective of Seasonal Alignment. Attend as many as you'd like!

Winter: January 16

Spring: April 3

Summer: June 26

Late Summer: August 28

Autumn: October 30

In the Winter Alignment workshop, Portland-based Five Element Acupuncturist and Qigong Teacher, Christopher Miller will guide you through the wisdom and practices of Winter and the first element - WATER.  

In this workshop series, we will:
– Explore the tangible principles of Yin, Yang and the Five Elements
– Discuss the unique energies of each season
– Align ourselves to the flow where Nature is already taking us
– Investigate ways to alleviate potential friction points
Each workshop includes interactive discussion, meditation, and simple movement practice.

Overcoming Pain: A Meditative Deep Dive

with David Sudar

Sunday, January 10 from 11-12:30pm PST

Suggested Donation $0-30

Online via Zoom

In this experiential & educational workshop, you will learn how a scientific study showed mindfulness meditation reduced pain symptoms 27-44%, without drugs, and in just a few minutes time. We’ll cover the key mindset shift involved in this approach, as well as the most beneficial ways to apply mindfulness to pain, including three specific techniques:

  • Relaxed engagement with pain

  • Transforming our reactions to pain

  • The healthy pain-break

We’ll also address the difference between meditation and avoidance, and how mindfulness can help us take proactive action (instead of passive resignation). Our focus will largely be on acute & chronic physical pain, but the same principles could also be applied to emotional & mental pain.


All experience levels welcome!

FREE New Year's Day Class: Feeling Into 2021

with Rena Satre Meloy + Ryan Kenny

Friday, January 1 from 10:30-11:15am PST

Free Offering – All Are Welcome

Online via Zoom

Grab your Zoom meditation buddies and join us for this special New Year’s Day class!


You’ll enjoy a guided meditation and create space with us to explore this question: How do I want to FEEL in 2021?


We so often set intentions or resolutions for what we want to DO or ACCOMPLISH, but what about how we want to feel – in our bodies, our minds, and our daily activities? This powerful question can unlock a wealth of insight and help you start the year off with clarity, confidence, and joy.


All are welcome. See you on 1/1/21!  💛

On Love: A Meditative Deep Dive

with David Sudar

Sunday, December 13 from 11-12:30pm PST

Suggested Donation $0-30

Online via Zoom

While love is universally cherished, how many of us truly live every moment of our lives from a place of deep love?  It’s a lofty undertaking, but the purpose of this workshop is to point you in that direction. Along the way, you’ll learn:

  1. A meditative vision of love, including what exactly it is (and isn’t!), why it’s important, and how it applies equally to ourselves, romantic partners, friends, and even our least favorite politicians!

  2. How to balance love with wisdom, seeing & letting go of unskillful views & emotions that prevent us from loving fully and deeply.  

  3. The myriad ways love reveals itself, such as being “tough” vs “tender,” setting boundaries, or engaging in words & actions fused with kindness.


Importantly, our exploration will include tangible practices to embody love, including guided meditation, dyads, and journaling.


All experience levels welcome!

Radical Self-Kindness:

The Profound Art of Giving a F*ck

with Kary Youman

When: Saturday, November 21 from 11am - 12:30pm PST

Where: Online via Zoom

Cost: This is a free offering for the BIPOC community

PLEASE NOTE: this is a BIPOC only workshop

Pause is sponsoring this workshop because now more than ever, we want to support our BIPOC community members and help meet the overwhelming need for space to gather, process, and be with all that is happening.

2020. What more is there to say? This year has been an incubator and a mirror for a lot of us to recalibrate, reconcile, and revisit the past, present, and future of this country and the state of our well-being. How can we feel safe during a pandemic when the resources available to BIPOC communities are low to nonexistent? What changes can be made in this country to create equality if White supremacy is still at the root of our Democracy? How can we stay grounded when Black and Brown people are being mistreated and killed without cause by the same people who are paid to protect them? The short answer: Radical Self-Kindness.


This workshop is designed to create space for a facilitated group discussion to challenge the participants with questions and stories to help unlock and activate the profound power of Radical Self-Kindness.


Kary Youman is a TEDx Speaker, Senior Learning & Development Manager, and a certified Diversity and Inclusion Instructor.

Emotional Awareness: A Meditative Deep Dive

with David Sudar

Sunday, November 15 from 11-12:30pm PST

Suggested Donation $0-25

Online Via Zoom

In this workshop, you’ll learn a meditative vision for how emotions can help you step more fully into life.  By using mindful awareness, you’ll learn how to "respond to" life-draining emotions rather than "react from" them; and, on the flip side, how to lean into life-affirming emotions without getting attached to them.  


As an aid to finding this mindful aliveness in our emotional life, we’ll explore in more detail:

  • The meditative “anatomy” of an emotion

  • The difference between emotions and feelings

  • The two conscious & two unconscious ways of relating to emotion

  • How to truly “feel” an emotion (and what to do when you can’t “feel” or identify any particular emotion)

  • A journaling exercise to heighten our awareness of seven key emotions


All experience levels welcome!

Food As Medicine During Stress & Uncertainty

with Dr. Emily Wolbers

Saturday, November 14 from 11-12:30pm PST

$20 in advance  /  $25 day of

Online Via Zoom

Join Pause + Dr. Emily Wolbers for a gentle food reset.


2020 has been a wild ride! With all the stress & uncertainty often comes mindless eating and changes in our foundational habits. This workshop will help you get back to basics with mindful eating, anti-inflammatory eating habits, and how to let food be your medicine.


Dr. Emily Wolbers is a naturopathic physician with a gastrointestinal- focused practice located in SW Portland. She utilizes Food As Medicine as a large part of her practice. "I view the gut as the gateway to health and disease. If the digestive system is happy, the rest of the body will follow." 

Meeting this Life: Holding Ourselves and Each Other with Compassion

with Laura Jomon Martin, LCSW

Saturday, November 7 from 11-12:30pm PST

By Donation | All Are Welcome

Online Via Zoom

As the stresses and losses of life in the year 2020 pile up — on top of the day-to-day requirements of life — of course you feel overwhelmed right now.  How can you attend to what is in your heart just under the surface, or to the unaddressed emotions that might be weighing you down?


This workshop is a gift to give to yourself, allowing the support of a facilitated process and the witness of community to tap into your own natural emotional healing process. We’ll use some of the teachings of Zen Buddhism, the work of Joanna Macy and elements of the Council Circle process. There will be movement, journaling, interaction, and mindfulness practice.


This is just a start. You may decide to set aside extra time after the workshop to continue your exploration, and if so, you’ll leave the workshop with some options.


Laura Jomon Martin, LCSW is a Zen teacher, psychotherapist, and certified MBSR teacher.

21-Day Autumn Reset

with Brittany Soleil and Christopher Miller

Mon / Thurs, October 26 – November 12 from 7-8pm PDT

Sliding Scale Registration

Online Via Zoom

Autumn is a perfect time to get clear on how we live, how we would like to live, and reset any behaviors that no longer serve us. An effective way to investigate our lives is by paying attention to how we nourish ourselves. Join us on a 21-day journey of aligning with the Autumn season, resetting our digestion, and incorporating nurturing behaviors.

Aligning With Autumn Workshop

with Christopher Miller

Saturday, October 24 from 11-12:30pm PST

$20 Tickets  /  Free for Members

Online Via Zoom

Shifting into the season of discerning, distilling and letting go so we can clarify our values.


Continuing our Seasonal Alignment series, Christopher Miller engages us with the wisdom and practices of Autumn. Each season asks our body to respond a specific way. Join us as we dive deep into the Chinese perspective of the Metal element and learn effective ways to align our body, mind and spirit to be our best selves!

Transforming Our Subconscious Views: A Meditative Deep Dive

with David Sudar

Sunday, October 11 from 11-12:30pm PST

Suggested Donation $0-25

Online Via Zoom

Why are some people self-loving and others self-critical?  Why are some people irritated in traffic and others calm & peaceful?  The deepest answer is found in their differing subconscious beliefs & views.  In other words, transform your views and you transform your reality!


In this workshop, you’ll learn the specific way that beliefs & views “bubble-up” into real-time perceptions, thoughts, emotions, choices & actions.  You’ll get to try out practical strategies to identify & dismantle limiting and stress-inducing views, while also consciously creating more life-affirming views.  Along the way, you’ll learn the role of mindfulness in view transformation, why some views are “stickier” than others, as well as the most essential views for true happiness.

Awakening from the Dream: Present-moment Embodiment Through Yoga Nidra

with Ron Wyn

Thursday, September 17 from 7-8:30pm PST

Tickets $20 in advance / $25 day-of

Online Via Zoom

You’re invited to an evening of deep rest and transformation.

Just for a moment, we let go of subjects, objects, interpretations, translations, beliefs, and welcome experience in its direct, indescribable completeness. Just for a moment, we slow down, see through the illusion of thought content, and realize the obvious. Here. Now. Seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, sensing, thinking. This. Is. It. Join Ron Wyn for a guided journey into the aliveness in and as which every-thing under the sun emerges, unfolds, and fades away. A descent into the peacefulness of the moment that will leave you utterly refreshed and ready to fully welcome the next chapter in your life.

The Nature of Thinking: A Meditative Deep Dive

with David Sudar

Sunday, September 13 from 11-12:30pm PST

Online Via Zoom

Suggested Donation $0-25

While thinking is often seen as an obstacle to meditation, it doesn’t have to be that way.  In that spirit, this workshop will explore how the goal of meditation is not “thoughtlessness,” but rather a wiser relationship with our thinking (and will help you move that way!).


More specifically, you’ll learn a meditative definition of thought, the difference between the content and form of thoughts, how thoughts can actually be helpful for deep meditation, and a few powerful strategies for breaking free from the spell of compulsive thinking.  The workshop will include guided meditations, lecture and discussion.

Aligning With Late Summer Workshop

with Christopher Miller

Saturday, August 8 from 11-12:30pm PST

Online Via Zoom

$20 Tickets  /  Free for Members!

Acknowledging all that Summer has brought our way, while also pausing, centering, and preparing to let it go. Continuing our Seasonal Alignment series, Christopher Miller engages us with the wisdom and practices of Late Summer. Each season asks our body to respond a specific way. Join us as we dive deep into the Chinese perspective of the Earth element and learn effective ways to align our body, mind and spirit to be our best self! 

Touching Emptiness: A Meditative Deep Dive

with David Sudar

Sunday, August 2 from 11:30am -1:00pm PST

Online Via Zoom

Suggested Donation $0-$25

In this workshop, we will use timeless guided meditations, discussion, and short lectures to guide you into a felt experience of emptiness — one that will stick with you, even when you inevitably have a flurry of thoughts, emotions and difficult sensations.  All experience levels welcome. The only thing you need to bring is an inquisitive spirit!

Aligning With Summer Workshop

with Christopher Miller

Saturday, June 20 from 11-12:30pm

Online Via Zoom

$20 Tickets  /  Free for Members!

Continuing our Seasonal Alignment series, Christopher Miller engages us with the wisdom and practices of Summertime.  Each season asks our bodies to respond a specific way.  Join us as we dive deep into the Chinese perspective of Summer to align with our best selves.

Awaken From the Old Way ~ Feeling Into a New

with Christopher Miller

Saturday, May 23, 2020 from 1-2pm

Online Via Zoom

Suggested Donation $10-$20  /  Free for Members

We have an incredible opportunity to refresh our perspective by reviewing this year’s Chinese Zodiac themes. Let's come back together to check-in with the Yang Metal Rat and what it has to teach us. Covid and all. All are welcome!

Aligning With Spring Workshop

with Christopher Miller

Saturday, June 20 from 11-12:30pm

Online Via Zoom

$20 Tickets  /  Free for Members!

Each season asks our bodies to respond in a specific way, and the lifestyle of Winter is not suited for a healthy Spring. We'll dive deep into the Chinese perspective of Spring and learn effective ways to align our body, mind and spirit to show up as our best selves.

Yoga Nidra + Sound Equinox Event

with Andrea Tomasi and Emily Taylor

Saturday, March 21, 2020 6-7:30pm

At the Pause Studio

$20 Tickets

Welcome the official arrival of Spring with Andrea and Emily in a night of bliss. You'll experience gentle restorative movement and a guided yoga nidra practice before you melt into immersive sound healing from head to toe. Don't miss this special spring evening!

2020 Vision + Intention Workshop

Saturday, January 25

from 12 to 1:30pm

Cost: $20.20

Join Christopher Miller, LAc from the Portland Wellness Collective, in partnership with Pause for an interactive workshop designed to connect you to your highest and best for 2020.

Buddhism & Science-Based Mindfulness: An Exploration of Similarities & Differences

Sunday, January 12

Suggested Donation: $0-$25

This educational workshop with David Sudar will explore the similarities and differences between science-based mindfulness & Buddhism – their respective historical roots, the areas they are saying the same things, and the essential ways that they diverge.

Free Mindful Eating Workshop with Ryan and Rena

Saturday, December 14

This event is FREE

Join us for this special mindful eating experience to learn how mindfulness can renew your sense of pleasure, appreciation and satisfaction with eating.

Meditation in the Park

Sunday, September 22

This event is FREE

Join us for this delightful park meditation to enjoy all the PNW outdoor goodness as we make the mindful transition from summer into fall!

You'll sit or lie comfortably on your back as you soak in the sights, sounds, breeze, leaves, and perhaps a few gentle rays.

Meditation Monday Series at Pioneer Courthouse Square

Mondays from 12:30-1pm

Through July + August

Join us for this free outdoor summer series in Pioneer Courthouse Square on Mondays in July and August. We'll be guiding meditation sessions in the square under a canopy. Come on out and enjoy beautiful Portland summer mindfully!

Crystal Bowl Sound Bath with Shalom Mayberg

Thursday, September 26

$20 in advance / $25 day of

Join us for this special evening of sound healing and relaxation. Lie comfortably on your back while the powerful sounds and vibrations of the crystal bowls move through you.

Radical Relaxation with David Sudar

Thursday, August 29

7-9pm at Pause

This workshop will begin with timeless methods of self-calming, like circular breathing, muscular release and mindfulness meditation. From there, it will become very radical, deeply diving into the question, "what is the root cause of stress?"

Mindful Hiking Adventure

Sunday, July 21

9:30 to 11:30am in Forest Park

Come play with us in the great outdoors! We'll meet at Pittock mansion for a 15 minute guided sitting meditation overlooking the city, then we'll head off into Forest Park for a dose of mother nature's best medicine: A MINDFUL HIKE. 

Live Cello + Relaxation Meditation with Emily Dalsfoist

Thursday, July 18

7:30-9pm at Pause

Join us on a deeply relaxing soundscape journey with sweet cello vibrations, soothing melodies, and powerful silences. Lie down, let go, and soften into the melody of the moment.

Free Class! Unplug + Recharge with Getaway

Wednesday, July 17

12:30 to 1pm at Pause

We're partnering with Getaway to celebrate their launch in Portland! You'll enjoy a free Pause class, a Getaway themed goodie bag, and a discount for your next escape to a tiny cabin nestled in nature.

Mental Health Awareness Event with Portland Gear and WeMyndful

Tuesday, May 22 from 6:30-9pm

This event is FREE and open to all

Portland Gear hosts We Myndful, with Pause mindfulness coach Ryan Kenny leading an interactive talk about mindfulness and mental wellbeing.

BENEFIT: Yoga, Music, and Meditation for Mental Health Awareness 

Sunday, May 19 from 10am -12pm

This event is FREE and open to all

Join us for a donation based class with CorePower Yoga, live music, and a meditation lead by Pause to honor Mental Health Awareness Month. Class will start at 10am, followed by a 30 minute meditation.

Crystal Bowl Sound Bath with Shalom Mayberg

Saturday, May 4 from 7-8:30pm

Join us for this special evening of sound healing and relaxation. Lie comfortably on your back while the sounds and vibrations of the crystal bowls move through you.

Women Work PDX Event with Rena Satre Meloy

Wednesday, April 17

Honoring the Feminine: A Guided Meditation to Boost Connection & Creativity. Enjoy a short meditation, followed by an interactive discussion. You will leave feeling more present, connected to your feminine self, creative, and joyful!

Calming Sound Bath with Joshua Stoddard

Saturday, April 6

Unwind and relax in a peaceful atmosphere filled with calming sounds that resonate in harmony with your mind, body and spirit.

Full Moon Meditation + Sound Bath with  Daphne Lyon

March 21, 2019

Enjoy a beautiful, relaxing evening of light restorative movement, breath work, and yoga nidra, complete with a heart opening meditation and crystal singing bowls, all under the full moon.

SLEEP + Deep Relaxation with Daphne Lyon

February 7, 2019

Enjoy 75 minutes of deep rest, relaxation and tranquility. Learn three easy breathing practices to calm the nervous system, followed by a forty minute guided yoga nidra meditation session.

The Art and Science of Mindful Living

January 13, 2019

at Jasmine Pearl Tea Co.

Discover the art of mindfulness and meditation through ancient wisdom and modern science. Enjoy delicious Jasmine Pearl tea and begin the new year on an intentional note by laying the foundation for mindful living in your year ahead!

Mindful Eating Workshop with Ryan Kenny

November 19, 2018

Join us for this special mindful eating experience and learn how mindfulness can renew your sense of pleasure, appreciation and satisfaction with eating.

Holiday Mindfulness Workshop with

Ryan Kenny

November 10, 2018

Join us for a FREE mindfulness workshop to learn tools and strategies that will help you create balance, focus and calm as you head into the holiday season.

Self-Compassion + Mindfulness Workshop

with KnixWear

June 1, 2018

Pause is partnering with Knixwear, an inspiring and women-empowered intimates company, for a guided exploration of mindfulness and self-compassion.

Bringing Mindfulness to Work with WeMyndful

June 27, 2018

Cofounders Ryan and Rena will share the science behind stress on the mind and body and offer mindful tools to help you find more balance and ease in your daily work routine.

Mindful Movie Night at Pause

May 26, 2018

Join us the first two Saturdays in August for a Kick back, relax, and enjoy a movie that ignites the neurons. There will be popcorn. There will be community. There will be mindfulness.

WOMAN UP: Portland Monthly's Wellness Event for Women

May 12, 2018

Join Pause Meditation co-founder Rena Satre Meloy and other Portland wellness leaders for a day of hands-on workshops, demos, and presentations!

Mindfulness: The Science Behind Stress, the Body and the Mind

April 11, 2018

Please join Women in Environment for the first event in the 2018 Krista Koehl Professional Development Series, an interactive and informative workshop.

Beginner's Mind: A Mindful Tea Experience

February 24, 2018

with Jasmine Pearl Tea Co.

Join Pause co-founder Ryan Kenny on a journey through the senses to explore the foundations of mindful awareness with this simple tea savoring practice.

Holiday Resilience Workshop

December, 2017

With a little mindfulness, we can experience the holidays this year with more harmony and flow, and a lot less stress. Join us to learn new tools to help you stay grounded as you move throughout the holidays.

Talk and Book Signing with Ethan Nichtern

October, 2017

Join Shambhala teacher Ethan Nichtern for an exploration of his latest book: "The Dharma of The Princess Bride."

Mindful Coloring Event at Pause

September, 2017

Join us for an evening of tea, music, and an exploration of the comfort and simple joy of coloring. Leave your to-do list at home. Your inner child is most welcome.

Pause in the Park! Meditation + Yoga

August, 2017

Nourish the start of your weekend with a refreshing yoga session led by Emily Taylor (one of our very favorite people) followed by a grounding meditation with Ryan Kenny.

Mindful Hiking Adventure with Pause

May, 2017

Join us on a journey through Oregon's majestic landscapes and experiment with weaving formal and informal mindfulness practices into your hiking experience.

City Silence Community Sit

April, 2017

City Silence is an international network of community mindfulness events. Pause will be hosting pockets of silence throughout the city of Portland. Join us!

Introduction to Meditation with Vitalize Acupuncture

March, 2017

Pause and Vitalize Acupuncture welcome you to come slow down, experientially learn tools to cultivate well-being, and appreciate the value of community. Join us!

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