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It's smart business to prioritize mental wellbeing.

Support your employees with mental training to create a healthier, happier workforce and a vibrant, effective work culture.

Mindfulness decreased stress levels by 28%

- Aetna

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Mindfulness increased job satisfaction and reduced emotional exhaustion

- Multiple Organizations

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increased focus by 12%

- Herbert Smith Freehills

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Meditation increased employees taking time to optimize personal productivity by 40% 

- General Mills

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Pause® is the Pacific Northwest's premier modern meditation studio providing critical mental health and resilience support for communities and organizations worldwide during this global crisis.

Through evidence-based, live virtual programs, Pause trainings empower employees to proactively take care of their mental health with practical mindfulness tools to reduce stress and boost resilience. Pause leverages the latest neuroscience, positive psychology, and wellness research into a no-fluff, nonreligious curriculum that is directly applicable to the modern workforce – from executives to entry-level employees.

Our Clients

Navigating Uncertainty

Right now, employees are facing unprecedented levels of uncertainty, stress, and anxiety (in both their personal and professional lives). Mindfulness training empowers employees with practical, useful tools and exercises to reduce stress, skillfully work with uncertainty, tend to their nervous systems, and shift their mindset around current circumstances in ways that significantly enhance their wellbeing.

Cultivating Inner Resources

Many companies are turning to mindfulness because it's one of the most effective tools to help employees proactively take care of their mental health. Mindfulness training helps employees cultivate their inner resources for wellness, use their mental energy more wisely, and self-regulate difficult thoughts or emotions anytime, not just during a meditation session. Each of our trainings provides an opportunity for employees to relax and recharge, and also leaves them equipped to bring mindfulness directly into their daily routines.

Building Resilience

Just like learning to play a sport or an instrument, research shows that resilience is a skill that can be developed through consistent practice. Ongoing mindfulness training helps employees better respond to stressful situations, find greater work/life balance to prevent burnout, and develop a reservoir of inner strengths, all of which build resilience. In the words of Jon Kabat-Zinn, "You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf."  Waves in the modern workplace are inevitable, but with mindfulness, employees have skills to navigate the ups and downs in a way that yields long-term, positive habit change in both their mental and physical health. 

Scientifically Proven Benefits of Mindfulness

For Employees

Decreased stress and anxiety

Increased energy, motivation and resilience

Improved performance and job satisfaction

Better sleep

For Companies

Increased productivity and creativity

Improved decision-making and prioritization

Decreased sick leave and turnover costs

Healthier, engaged work culture

Our Programs

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Grow: 6 Week Stress Relief + Resilience Programs

Provide expert coaching and strategies to help employees cultivate new mental habits, work smarter, and stress less. Participants will learn how to develop their inner resources, boost resilience, and use their mental energy more effectively. This proven framework also helps participants experience the practical, life-changing benefits of mindfulness so they feel inspired to proactively nourish their mental health moving forward.

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Flourish: 10 Week Mindful Leadership Program

Our 10 week in-depth training program transforms teams and organizations from the inside out. Leaders will learn a comprehensive set of mindfulness skills for calm, resilience, and emotional intelligence that they can tap into anytime, anywhere to better manage stress, work smarter, and prioritize mental health. Through our evidence-based curriculum and expert coaching, we help leaders rewire their brains for healthier habits and support organizations in creating a flourishing work environment rooted in presence, compassion, and wisdom.

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Sustain: Live Guided Meditation Sessions

Establish weekly guided meditation sessions to help employees hone their skills, deepen their practice, and keep their commitment alive. Each session will leave participants feeling refreshed and ready to take better care of themselves – at work and at home.

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Inspire: Discovery Workshop

In this 60 minute workshop, your employees will experience a powerful, science-based introduction to mindfulness, learn starter tools for stress relief and resilience, and leave inspired to fold mindfulness into their daily work routine.

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Learn: Wellbeing Workshops

Offered a-la-carte or in a series, our 45-60 minute workshops focus on specific wellness topics (stress relief, sleep, energy, creativity, happiness, etc). Each workshop provides science-based education, guided meditation practice, and mindful techniques to help your employees begin to reduce stress, develop a healthier mindset, and take better care of their mental wellbeing.

We hired Pause to present a CLE on Mindfulness and were so impressed. From coordination to execution, they were extremely thorough and professional. The presentation got rave reviews!

– Danielle, Attorney Talent Manager, Axiom

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The Pause® System of Mental Training

We've developed a system of mental training designed to help people cultivate health and wellbeing in the 21st century.

Deep Focus

Inner Calm




Focus Calm





Emotional Intelligence





Our mental training synthesizes insights from three primary sources into a simple, nonreligious approach to training the mind.





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Why Pause?


Our mindfulness trainings are derived from the latest neuroscience, positive psychology, and wellness research. We offer a no-fluff, nonreligious curriculum with mindful tools and strategies that are directly applicable to any modern work routine.


Mindfulness is unparalleled in its ability to help employees improve wellbeing and performance. We're committed to delivering powerful results that are immediately effective and sustainable long-term.


We know you have a full plate already. The “pause” approach delivers content that's easy to learn and actionable the very same day. We help create space amidst the hustle so your employees can develop their optimal mindset – calm, clear, resilient, connected.


Our approach is sincere and also infused with levity. Learning mindfulness takes effort, but it can also be energizing and fun. We inspire openness, connection, and possibility in every team we work with.

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