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Mindfulness-Based Resilience Training

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Pause at Work® is dedicated to helping leaders and teams create S P A C E for what matters most and tap into their inner resources for resilience.


We partner with organizations that are passionate about shaping a more sane, loving, and healthy future.

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U.S. Bank employees take to guided meditation as they return to the office

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Our Solutions

Resilient Leaders

Leaders today are facing unprecedented levels of stress, pressure, and burnout, and often find it impossible to create space for their own wellbeing. Our evidence-based Pause Method™ will empower your leaders with fundamental skills they can tap into anytime, anywhere to strengthen their inner resources for resilience and inspire a culture of innovation, joy, and healthy high performance.

  • Multi-week Cohort Programs

  • Executive Coaching

  • Leadership Retreats


Resilient Teams

Cultivate employee health and wellbeing with Pause's comprehensive resilience curriculum. Through live training, sequential skill-building, and new healthy habits, your employees will learn the Pause Method to reduce stress and burnout, build their inner resources for resilience, and proactively nourish their mental and physical health.

  • Multi-week Programs

  • Custom On-Demand Resilience Toolkits

  • Employee Retreats

Discovering Resilience Workshops

Offered a-la-carte or in a series, our discovery workshops deliver an inspiring introduction to mindfulness and provide starter tools to help employees reduce stress and anxiety, find greater balance, and begin folding mindfulness into their daily routine.

  • 45-120 Minute Workshops

  • Live Virtual or In-Person

  • Takeaway Tools + Resources for Integration

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Offsites + Special Events

Treat your employees to a unique and meaningful Pause experience. From offsite leadership retreats to team-building workshops to space for employees to rest & rejuvenate, we'll work with you to create the perfect offering.


Hosted at your venue or in our beautiful Pause studio.

Featured Resilience Workshops

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One of the biggest outcomes for me was the awareness that I could perform these techniques aligned to my work, they weren’t just something to do once work was finished (e.g. the permission to pause – that was huge).

– CTI Biopharma, Program Participant

Of all the things our organization has focused on this year with regard to mental health, this was hands down the best choice they could have made. The program truly was about doing something for yourself. Thank you so very much for coming to us with your warmth and generosity. It was exactly what I needed.

– Oregon School District Program Participant

The feedback has been amazing. We have our leadership team meeting directly after the Tuesday sessions, and this week everyone came so pumped and hopeful. Everyone who wasn’t able to attend was jealous! They think this could be life-changing for our team. Wow!

– ADIDAS Leader + Program Participant

I notice that when I incorporate practice and pause moments during my day in between tasks that I feel more energized and have significantly less burnout.

– Anonymous Program Participant

As someone who has been to many meditation classes, I enjoyed how down-to-earth the presenters were. Topics were realistic, effective, and honest; not cheesy, spiritual, or filled with the smell of incense (no offense). I also loved how open they were to questions, and all of their slideshow visuals. This sort of support is very valuable.

– PAE Engineers, Program Participant

As a result of the 6-week program, I am more friendly and forgiving toward myself and have the ability to self-soothe more quickly when I feel my stress and anxiety levels rising. I feel much more equanimous, sovereign, and free.

– Southern New Hampshire University, Program Participant

I found the Viktor Frankl quote "Between stimulus and response"... particularly relevant and have already shared it with my entire team in our huddle and have shared it with several others; friends, family, and colleagues.

– U.S. BANK Discovery Workshop Participant

This has changed my life. I am typically very anxious, disconnected, forget to put myself first, operate on auto-pilot, and am constantly in strife. This program has changed all of this for the better.

– Anonymous Program Participant

Scientifically Proven Benefits of Mindfulness

For Employees

Decreased stress and anxiety

Increased energy, motivation and resilience

Improved performance and job satisfaction

Better sleep

For Companies

Increased productivity and creativity

Improved decision-making and prioritization

Decreased sick leave and turnover costs

Healthier, engaged work culture

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Cultivating Inner Resources

Many companies are turning to mindfulness because it's one of the most effective tools to help employees proactively take care of their mental health. Mindfulness training helps employees cultivate their inner resources for wellness, use their mental energy more wisely, and self-regulate difficult thoughts or emotions anytime, not just during a meditation session. Each of our trainings provides an opportunity for employees to relax and recharge, and also leaves them equipped to bring mindfulness directly into their daily routines.

Building Resilience

Just like learning to play a sport or an instrument, research shows that resilience is a skill that can be developed through consistent practice. Ongoing mindfulness training helps employees better respond to stressful situations, find greater work/life balance to prevent burnout, and develop a reservoir of inner strengths, all of which build resilience. In the words of Jon Kabat-Zinn, "You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf."  Waves in the modern workplace are inevitable, but with mindfulness, employees have skills to navigate the ups and downs in a way that yields long-term, positive habit change in both their mental and physical health. 

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Pause Method

Our science-backed curriculum empowers your employees and leaders with fundamental skills they can tap into anytime, anywhere to skillfully navigate any challenges they are facing, feel more resilient, and create a culture of healthy high performance.

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Our Pause Method synthesizes insights from three primary sources:







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While our method and curriculum are uniquely ours, these teachings are here by the generosity and grace of many teachers, mentors, and researchers who came before us. We are deeply grateful and humbled to draw from this collective wisdom and to be a part of the modern mindfulness movement.

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Why Pause?



Our resilience trainings are derived from the latest neuroscience, positive psychology, and wellness research. We offer a no-fluff, secular curriculum with mindful tools and strategies that are directly applicable to any modern work routine.



Mindfulness is unparalleled in its ability to help employees improve wellbeing, performance, and resilience. We're committed to delivering powerful results that are immediately effective and sustainable long-term.



We know you have a full plate already. Our Pause Method delivers content that's easy to learn and actionable the very same day. We help you create space amidst the hustle so your employees and leaders can show up as their best selves – calm, clear, creative, and connected.



Our approach is sincere and also infused with levity. Learning mindfulness takes effort, but it can also be energizing and fun. We inspire openness, connection, and possibility in every team we work with.