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Our mission with Pause is to help people find a greater sense of peace. The raw and deep truth is that none of us can find peace with the entrenched racism and white supremacy that saturates our bodies, our communities, and our beleaguered country. If we think we can,...

We moved Pause into a beautiful new studio on November 16, 2019. We are beyond excited for this transition!

We have BIG news...we're moving Pause into a beautiful new studio!!! We're beyond excited for this transition and are getting the new space all set and cozy. All offerings will shift to the new studio beginning Saturday, November 16.

A little while back, I was struck by something a teacher said during a meditation retreat: “Your commitment to your practice is measured by the quality of investment of yourself as you are practicing, not by the length of time.”

Summer is an exceptional time of year. Check out these five simple tips to soak in the abundance of summer by taking your meditation practice outside – onto your porch, into a park, or up into the glorious mountains. Enjoy!

You're more likely to have a mental illness than you are to get the flu in any given year, but which topic of conversation is most common at the grocery store? On the news? At the dinner table? We wrote this post to encourage everyone (ourselves included) to speak...

Enjoy this nourishing practice that guides you out of doing mode and into BEING. Plus, learn 8 mindful tips to cultivate your feminine energy.

The past 6 years have been magical. And they’ve also been some of the scariest in my life. I’d never had a partner that I was so afraid to lose.

Practice these simple mindfulness tips to help you calm your mind, reset your nervous system, and bring your best self into this holiday season.

This week, practice training your mind and releasing stress through this simple listening activity.

Oh, hello leaves. How friendly you are, as you chatter beneath my soles. Gathered on these sidewalk squares, you bump orange shoulders gleefully...

There I was in the kitchen yesterday morning, whipping up some good ole' fashioned oatmeal and apples for Ryan and myself. Well, technically my body was in the kitchen as my limbs maneuvered ingredients from the cupboard into the pot. But my brain and attention wer...

Apparently, I needed this reminder yesterday. I work part-time at a mental health hospital here in Portland...

When we find ourselves waiting unexpectedly, it's easy to get grumpy and impatient. Humph. The good news is, this "waiting" time can be the perfect opportunity to flex those mental muscles, get a daily dose of mindfulness, and cultivate positive emotions...

Whether your resolutions are cruising right along or rapidly growing stale, this simple tip can free you from stuck-ness and open up a world of possibility.

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It’s really one of our greatest luxuries - the empty space.
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