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#8: A Small HOOK🪝

You never know when a hook will snag you. You can be strolling in paradise, completely enjoying the moment, and then… YANK! You suddenly find yourself on the hook.

In this video, I share an example of how getting hooked can be so subtle that it takes minutes (and in some cases even hours) to fully recognize you’re feeling “off” – that you’ve been hooked.

The thing is, whether you recognize it or not, the hook has an impact. It affects your mood, your thought patterns, and your subsequent behaviors. It shapes how you move through your day and how you relate to yourself and others.


  • Automatic Reactivity: Even with mindfulness training, we're prone to moments of annoyance or reactivity. This is a normal part of being human.

  • Hooks come in different sizes. Sometimes they're so big that it’s obvious that you’re snagged. Other times, hooks are more subtle. They fly under the radar, stealthily nudging you off your axis until you’re in a tailspin and not quite sure why. 

  • The Power of Curiosity: Instead of suppressing discomfort, turning towards it with curiosity helps us understand why we feel a certain way.

  • Self-Compassion as a Tool: Instead of self-criticism, meeting our difficult emotions with kindness and reassurance creates space for change and healing.

  • Mindfulness in Daily Life: This example showcases how mindfulness practice isn't solely about meditation but can be actively applied in everyday life.

I'm eager to hear from you all. How is hooking happening in your life? How are you meeting those moments of discomfort? Of resistance?


In response to my questions, a handful of you have been posting comments at the bottom of these blog posts (awesome 👏 and thank you!). Rena and I decided to create a Slack channel to make it easier for everyone to share their insights and threads of wisdom all in one place. It’s easy to use and free. You can join our #everydaymbsr channel here!

With love & gratitude,



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