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#9: MUGLY MISHAP: Adventures in Mindfulness

Alright, friends, buckle up for a wild ride of mindfulness in action! When a mug slipped from my hands and left me with a nasty cut, I had no idea it would turn into a masterclass in navigating pain, disappointment, and other unexpected hurdles. 

As I faced closed urgent care centers and out-of-network clinics, I discovered that the physical pain of my injury was nothing compared to the suffering that came from my own internal resistance and the "second arrows" of self-criticism, frustration, and anxiety. But hey, this is what our practice is for, and it’s exactly what Jon Kabat-Zinn was referring to when he named his renowned book Full Catastrophe Living

Join me on this adventure as I share how my practice helped me stay calm and grounded, even when things got tough, and how each challenge became an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

CHAPTER 1: The Mug Mishap

2 Min Video

Stimulus: While washing the mug, it slipped from my hands, resulting in a nasty cut on my finger. I initially reacted with self-criticism.

Response: I recognized my self-critical thoughts and consciously chose to reframe the situation, practicing self-compassion and anchoring myself with the cut's physical sensations.


- Mindfulness helped me catch and reframe self-critical thoughts. 

- Pausing opened up the door to self-compassion.

- Using physical sensations – yes, even the uncomfortable ones like those from a laceration – can help us stay present, observe reactivity, and limit secondary suffering.

CHAPTER 2: Closed Doors, Open Mind

1 Min Video

Stimulus: I arrived at the urgent care center only to find out that it was closed, which triggered feelings of disappointment.

Response: I recognized and labeled the emotion, paused to acknowledge the situation, and reassured myself while focusing on finding a solution.


- Mindfulness allows us to create space between us and our emotions, enabling a more balanced response.

- Pausing first to acknowledge and accept an emotion can enhance your focus on problem-solving.

CHAPTER 3: The Waiting Game

1 Min Video

Stimulus: After I found an open clinic, I had to wait for a long time and was eventually informed that I would be charged for out-of-network services, leading to frustration and anxiety.

Response: I observed my reactive thoughts without getting caught up in them, returned to the present moment, appreciated the nurse's compassion, and adapted to the situation by researching other options.


- Mindfulness allows us to observe reactive thoughts without getting caught up in them.

- Being mindful in challenging situations opens up a greater perspective and can help us recognize and appreciate acts of kindness and compassion. 

- Positive mental states like gratitude can be accessed in the midst of difficult situations.

CHAPTER 4: Stitches, Glue, and Gratitude

3 Min Video

Stimulus: I was informed that my wound would be cleaned and sewn up, triggering anxiety and anticipation of pain.

Response: I acknowledged the anxiety, focused on physical sensations, recognized conflicting emotions of relief and fear, and set an intention to be gentle with myself and adapt to limitations.


- Focusing on physical sensations can help us manage the "second arrow" of fear and frustration.

- Recognizing and accepting conflicting emotions leads to greater emotional intelligence.

CHAPTER 5: The Splint of Awareness

3 Min Video

Stimulus: I reflected on the completion of my medical treatment and the ongoing nature of my mindfulness practice.

Response: I recognized the splint as a mindfulness tool, approached the awkwardness with a mindful attitude, expressed gratitude for the medical care received, and extended compassion to others who are suffering.


- Everyday objects can serve as mindfulness tools, helping us break out of autopilot.

- Cultivating gratitude and extending compassion helps maintain a broader perspective.

- Mindfulness is an ongoing practice that helps us navigate the full range of life experiences.


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