Guided Audio Meditations

Science-based practices for cultivating a healthy mind. 

Research suggests that just a few minutes of practice per day can actively lower stress and increase happiness. Use the following guided audio meditations to create pockets of peace throughout your day and establish healthier habits of mind. 

Pause to appreciate your inner strengths. Refuel, regain perspective, and feel stronger in the face of adversity.

Feeling tense? Notice your body relax and restore as you move through this practice.

Use this powerful practice for working with intense emotions or challenging circumstances.

Gratitude is a key ingredient of wellbeing. This practice will help you feel thankful and uplifted.

Tune into the breath, focus the mind and gently anchor into the present.

Learn to walk with greater presence, ease, and awareness of your body.

Recenter and reconnect with your intentions through this mindful pause.

Enjoy this simple practice
of directing well-wishes
towards others.

Transform your daily coffee routine into a mindful moment that centers your mind and prepares you for a great day.

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It’s really one of our greatest luxuries - the empty space.
Mindful Tools for Modern Life

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