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Buddhism Beyond Beliefs

A Path of Wisdom & Love

3 Week Elective Course - LIVE ONLINE

Course Schedule

Registration for this course is now closed.

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CostBy Donation

The Buddhist practices offered in this course have been taught for over 2,600 years on the principle of generosity. In turn, we feel called to offer this course in that same spirit of giving; aka, on donation! We encourage you to still sign up with the intentional of joining the whole course, and not treating donation as a casual drop-in. Thank you for your practice!

Course Description

This three-week course presents Buddhism not as a religion, but as a path filled with practices and perspectives that aim at a life of deep happiness – not just while meditating, but in every corner of our lives.


Week one will explore the core Buddhist philosophy, such as the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Noble Path, and the roles of ethics and meditation. Week two will dive deep into Buddhist wisdom, discussing what it is, how to develop it, and especially illuminating its most powerful insights. Week three will touch into its teachings on love; both in developing inner qualities like kindness and compassion, and also how it helps us live with greater care and purpose.


Each class will feature:

  • a guided meditation

  • a short lecture

  • discussion

  • optional take-home practices 

At the end of the course, you will be provided with resources about where and how to continue learning about this path.

About the Instructor

A former Buddhist monk, David Sudar completed an intensive 21 month Vipassana meditation retreat in Myanmar with his core teacher, Sayadaw U Tejaniya, and continues to spend 1-2 months a year on silent retreat. He currently works as a mindfulness coach and meditation teacher, and regularly teaches at Nike, Yoga Teacher Training Programs, various wellness centers, and leads the Path of Sincerity Sangha.


David also holds a B.A. in Psychology, and his teaching often draws upon his studies of Somatic Psychotherapy, Zen Buddhism, Classical Yoga, real life relationships and over 4 years spent across 25+ countries. In both his work and personal life, his great passion is integrating ancient wisdom traditions with the realities of modern life.


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