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MBSR Grad Community

A hub for inspiration, resources, and connection to nourish your practice.

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Everyday MBSR Insights


Join the Pause Community Slack Channel


Connect with fellow meditators, share insights, get support, and deepen your practice. Our Slack channel is a vibrant space for discussion and growth.

~ Ask questions and get tips

~ Find motivation and inspiration

~ Share experiences and challenges

~ Access exclusive resources and discussions

MBSR Meditations

Full Length Recordings

Body Scan

Lying Down Yoga

Sitting Meditation

Standing Yoga

Pause, Observe, Choose

Mountain Meditation

Shorter Recordings

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Curated Learning Resources

Sustaining Practice Opportunities

Weekly Grad Classes

Included w/ Joy-Based Membership

These classes provide a weekly anchor for practice, learning, and community support for MBSR grads. Together each week we’ll share practice, discussion, and inquiry to consistently bring the insights and teachings of MBSR into our daily lives and to sustain our intentions for greater balance, mindful living, and true self-care.

  • Everyday MBSR ~ Tuesdays at 7pm PT ~ Online with Ryan Kenny (sign up here)

  • Everyday Resilience ~ Saturdays at 10am PT ~ Online with Ryan Kenny (sign up here)

Join a Quarterly MBSR All-Day Retreat

Free for Grads ~ Donations Welcome


Our all-day MBSR retreats are a wonderful way to hit the "refresh" button on your practice. Grads are always invited to join space permitting, free of charge (donations are gratefully accepted).

Upcoming All-Day Retreats:​​

  • In-Person ~ Saturday, May 4 from 9:30am-4:30pm PT

  • Online ~ Saturday, August 10 from 9:30am - 4:30pm PT (Sign Up Here)

  • In-Person ~ Saturday, November 16 from 9:30am - 4:30pm PT (Sign Up Here)

  • Online ~ Saturday, November 23 from 9:30am - 4:30pm PT (Sign Up Here)

Join a Monthly Immersion Retreat 

Included w/ Joy-Based Membership


Longer pauses are essential for both sustaining and deepening our practice. We're delighted to offer these monthly 2-hour retreats for you to rest, reset, and immerse yourself in a flow of mindfulness.

Upcoming Immersion Retreats:

Retake MBSR

Sliding Scale Tuition


Taking the MBSR program a second (or even third or fourth time) can be a powerful experience.


Upcoming Programs:

  • Online ~ Monday Evenings, Begins July 8

  • In-Person ~ Sunday Evenings, Begins October 13

  • Online ~ Monday Evenings, Begins October 21

Details + Register Here

Sustaining Practice


The perfect moment is this one.

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