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MBSR Grads

The Pause Community is a home for people whose lives have been changed by MBSR and want to go deeper.


We are delighted to provide a variety of offerings and resources to further support you in nourishing and growing your practice. 


Become a Member of Our Community

Community is the magic sauce that brings practice to life and opens up the well of shared wisdom and experience. Remember how powerful it was to listen to others and learn from their practice and insights? The Pause Community is a broader container for this inner work to flourish and for you to continue to feel nourished by camaraderie, connection, and inspiration.


We offer a joy-based membership model so you can find a contribution amount that's just right for you. Most of the sustaining options below are included in our membership program.

Sustaining Practice Opportunities

Spring Buds

Everyday MBSR Class

Weekly / Online

Included with Membership

Practice Library 3.jpg

Pause Practice Library

Available 24/7 ~ On-Demand

Included with Membership


Pause Immersion Retreats

Monthly / Online + In-Person

Included with Membership

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Live Community Classes

Daily / Online

Included with Membership


All Day MBSR Retreats

Quarterly / Online + In-Person

By Donation

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Take MBSR Again! 50% Off

Offered Every Cycle

50% Off Tuition

Grad Resources

We've compiled a handful of resources below to further support you along your journey.

A heartfelt reminder....if you wish to continue on this meaningful path of growth and self-discovery, the most important thing is to prioritize and make space for your practice. Just like with exercise, the real transformation happens in the practice itself, not in the reading about it, analyzing, talking about it, etc. That said, having some context and wise perspectives to lean on are also invaluable in helping to frame and understand our experiences and the deeper nature of these practices. For this reason, we've included a handful of trusted books, podcasts, websites, and other resources below.

Go gently, sit often, and enjoy!


The perfect moment is this one.

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