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New Teacher! Meet Allie Lyon

Dear Pause Community,

We're so delighted to welcome Allie Lyon into the Pause teacher fold!

Check out her bio and wonderful weekly yoga nidra offering below. We hope you can try out one of his classes real soon.

About Allie

Allie is an abstract artist and teacher of yoga nidra, yoga, and meditation. Born and raised in New York, she left the hustle lifestyle to find her nature filled sanctuary in the PNW with her fiance and her pup Tango.

Allie discovered the practice of yoga in college because it sounded like a fun way to stay in physical shape: but what she discovered in the first class was a connection to herself that she’d never felt before. Allie believes that yoga and art invite us to peel back layers of our own understanding to get curious and discover what lies below the surface, tuning into the internal landscape.

Her passion is to create a space for people to reconnect with themselves, deepen their awareness, and navigate the healing practices of yoga, yoga nidra, and creativity. These healing modalities shine a light on the power of the present moment: whatever you are seeking, already lies within. Let’s remember to look within, together, and more often.

About Allie's Class

Deep Rest + Yoga Nidra

Wednesday Evenings from 8-8:45pm PT

Live Online Via Zoom

Yoga Nidra is the art of relaxation. Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) is a deeply transformative and healing practice designed to guide you back to your original nature: pure bliss. During this lying down guided meditation, the organs and systems of the body attain deep physiological rest. On even a cellular level, we are creating a restful sanctuary for the body and mind to shift into relaxation and deep nourishment. By learning how to deeply relax in the present moment, we can reconnect with the peace that already lies within, even when we forget it’s there. We start with ourselves.


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