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Mindful Moment: Morning Cuppa Joe

This meditation is shared from the Pause Channel on Aura.

Transform your daily coffee routine into a mindful moment that centers your mind and prepares you for a great day.

We have a confession. We love coffee. From the glorious aromas and delectable flavors to the sounds of the drip coffee maker, we truly enjoy every element of drinking coffee. Unfortunately, these delicious experiences can be squandered all too easily in the typical morning frenzy.

Tuning into your morning coffee (or tea, juice, etc) even for a few moments, is a great way to intentionally slow down and develop the habit of living mindfully.

You might notice a calmer mind and body, and perhaps a smoother entry into your day. This practice can also help you strengthen a key ingredient of well-being: savoring positive experiences.

The key here is to really pay attention to the numerous micro experiences listed below. Don't worry if you lose touch with the present – it's natural for the mind to run off, planning the day ahead or reviewing your to-do lists. Maybe that whacky dream springs back into your brain. No problem.

By continually bringing yourself back to the direct experience at hand, your morning coffee can become a rich, mindful practice that sets a tone of presence and intention for the rest of your day.

Here’s how:

  • Set your intention to be fully present for your coffee experience (it might be helpful to set a timer on your phone or watch for 5 or 10 minutes)

  • Breath in the aroma of the beans or grounds.

  • Listen to the sounds of the pour.

  • Observe the steam rising from the cup.

  • Take in the colors, textures or swirls on the surface of the liquid.

  • Feel the weight and texture of the cup and the warmth in your hands.

  • Bring the cup up to your nose and breathe in the aroma.

  • Slowly take your first sip.

  • Bring full attention to the taste. Noticing what the coffee feels like in your mouth.

  • Follow the liquid down into your belly.

  • If thoughts arise that pull you away from your present experience, simply acknowledge you’ve become distracted and gently return attention back to savoring your coffee.

When your timer goes off (or when you've finished your coffee) take a final deep breath and appreciate the space that you created to be present and to savor your coffee.

Workday Tip: Pausing with your coffee is a great way to create a mindful break at work

Feel free to leave a comment about your experience below!


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