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A profound transformation can occur when we consciously train our mind.


Pause courses provide structure, accountability, and huge support as you build and establish your practice on the cushion and in life.


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Structure + Accountability


Not sure where to begin? We're happy to help.


Why Courses Are the Most Powerful Way to Learn

STRUCTURE: Modern life is busy! Courses help you build foundational skills faster through weekly classes and daily practice.

SEQUENTIAL LEARNING: Courses help you foster a deeper understanding of subject matter, receive ongoing feedback from a knowledgable instructor, and develop a framework to directly experiment with and apply new skills as the course progresses.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Courses motivate you to show up, make the most of your investment, and eliminate the time and effort you might spend on other distracting activities.

COMMUNITY: There's no substitute for practicing with other human beings. Research shows that community is a key ingredient of meditation, and while YouTube videos or apps are a great start, group meditation will foster your growth far more than solo practice.

Mindful Tools for Modern Life

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