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Peace in oneself, peace in the world 💛

Dear Pause community,

One of our wonderful members shared this sweet photo of her kitty who has made it a regular practice to join her daily meditations. What a beautiful reminder that this work we're doing ripples outward, whether we see it or not, and that each time we practice, we are helping shape a more peaceful, loving world....beginning, as we must, with our own minds and hearts.

Lots of things are hard right now. We feel it in ourselves – in the clunky way we're moving through each day, trying to make sense of it all. There are plenty of moments of heaviness and disbelief and confusion. As one community member described it, "You know the head-exploding emoji?? I feel like that all the time!" Yep. We can relate.

We hope this email can be a reminder that it's fine to be clunky. No one knows where we're going, and as much as our anxious monkey-mind may disagree, it's okay to take things one day at a time. We can tune as we go and allow for many off-notes. Our wish for you today is to be present as often as you can, and to lean on your meditation practice to help you find grounding. Take many moments for slowness and self-care (as buzzy as the word is, we all need it in a big way). Be really, really gentle with yourself. Find comfort in connection and in your community, wherever or whoever they may be (kittens included). And when you stumble into an unexpected moment of peace, savor it.

We hope to see you very soon. Chins up, hearts open, we've got this.

With love and gratitude,

Rena & Ryan

Pause Cofounders


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