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New Teacher! Meet Nathan Baptiste

Dear Pause Community,

We're so grateful and excited to welcome Nathan Baptiste into the Pause teacher fold!

Check out his bio and weekly Awakening Compassion class offering below. We hope you can try out one of his classes real soon.

About Nathan

Nathan Baptiste has practiced mindfulness meditation over the last 20 years, oriented in the practice of Vipassana meditation in the Theravada tradition of Buddhism. He is formally trained as a mindfulness meditation instructor and also draws from his experience as an equity, diversity, and inclusion educator and former school teacher. His greatest (and most formidable!) teachers are his young children.

About Nathan's Class

Awakening Compassion

Wednesday Evenings from 6-6:45pm PT

Live Online Via Zoom

In these sessions, we are invited to find a grounding presence and stability in the breath and body. With guidance using resources such as visualization and silent mantras, we are also invited to practice loving kindness, beginning with the radical act of holding space for ourselves.


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