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Exciting news – we're moving!!!

Dear friends,

We have BIG news...

We're moving Pause into a beautiful new studio!!!

We're beyond excited for this transition and are getting the new space all set and cozy for you (see in-progress photo above). All offerings will shift to the new studio beginning Saturday, November 16. We hope you'll grab a friend or family member and join us on 11/16 from 9-10am for our inaugural sit! This class is free and open to all (book your cushion here).

The new studio is just around the corner from our current location (61.3 yards, to be exact) on the 3rd floor of the Haseltine building just across from Pine Street Market:

New studio address: 133 SW 2nd Ave, Suite 300, 97204


A few highlights of the new space:

  • ADA accessible

  • Beautiful wood beams and exposed brick

  • Tons of natural light, high ceilings, and big windows with tree/sky views

  • Lounge area for pre-post class tea, reading, chill time

  • Meditation den for private sessions and self-guided sits

  • QUIET ATMOSPHERE. As we've acknowledged many times, a core part of the practice is learning to work with the chaos/noise of modern life…AND, let's get real – we can only handle so many didgeridoo jam sessions. We’re delighted to offer you more peace and quiet in the new studio.​

New space, new schedule! We'd love your input.

We are planning to expand our class schedule and membership offerings to include morning/evening classes, silent sessions, open sit times, etc. We would love your input so we can continue to grow the studio and community in a way that best supports you. Would you please take 2 mins to share your thoughts?


All participants will be entered into a drawing to win a new Hugger Mugger cushion,

organic silk eyebag, and Pause journal!


A heartfelt thanks to Jodie Steagall, Emily Taylor and the 220 Collective

The 220 Studio space has been our home for the past two years and we could not have asked for a more beautiful, warm, welcoming space to practice. The studio will forever hold a special place in our hearts and minds and was instrumental in helping the Pause community grow. Thank you!


Above: first Pause class held at The Fields Neighborhood Park in August, 2015

Pausing to reflect and moving forward with intention.

When we first launched in 2015, we knew one thing: pausing in daily life was the key to…well, pretty much everything. So we started inviting people to pause with us. We had no walls, no roof, and only enough funds for a handful of yoga mats….but we trusted our hearts, believed deeply in this practice, and knew that community was at the center of it all.

Today, we’ve held over 1,600 classes with 6,000+ meditators. We feel unbelievably grateful to make this our life’s work and wouldn't be here without all of you who show up to share this practice.

We will continue to offer practical, science-based teachings that help you sustain a meditation practice and live mindfully in the modern world. We're committed to holding a beautiful, peaceful space in the heart of Portland where you can slow down, tune-in, and connect with yourself and what’s truly important. Meditation apps are great, but there is no substitute for practicing in the presence of others with a skilled teacher. As the world grows increasingly digital, we are championing the real-time, in-person, community experience...because this is where it's really at.

We welcome people from all walks of life, with any spiritual/religious orientations and from all socioeconomic backgrounds. We have scholarship programs that provide financial support for all offerings and do not turn anyone away due to lack of funds. We also plan to bring issues of social justice and equality into greater focus in 2020.

When we first sat down in a coffee shop in SE in October of 2015, we typed this as our mission statement:

We're on a journey–exploring the power of mindfulness and meditation in our lives every day– and frankly, we're pumped to share it.

The past four years have fueled our enthusiasm for this journey ad infinitum and we are humbled and grateful for all of you who have chosen to share it with us. We will keep in close contact as we make the transition into the new studio – please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions, anytime.

Cheers to you. To your practice. To this rich, courageous community. And to this next chapter!

With love,

Ryan & Rena

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Zara C
Zara C
Sep 06, 2021

Loved reading this thanks

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