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Heart to Heart BIPOC Community Talks

Dear community,

As we continue to understand our role in anti-racism work (within ourselves and through Pause), we're learning how essential it is to support spaces for both White and BIPOC community members to process and connect within their own racial/ethnic groups. If you're not familiar with the acronym BIPOC, it stands for Black, Indigenous, People of Color (including but not limited to Black, African, Indigenous, Latino, Asian, and Indian).

We're deeply grateful for our partnership with Kary Youman to offer a series of Heart to Heart monthly talks that provide a brave and supported space for BIPOC to engage in open-hearted discussion, connection, and healing.

The Heart to Heart talks are held on the 3rd Saturday of each month:

March 20, 10-11:15am Pacific (past)

April 17, 10-11:15am Pacific (past)

May 15, 10-11:15am Pacific

June 19, 10-11:15am Pacific

July 17, 10-11:15am Pacific

August 21, 10-11:15am Pacific

For full details and to RSVP for the upcoming talks, visit the Heart to Heart Eventbrite page.

If you do not identify as BIPOC but know someone who might benefit from these gatherings, please forward this email!

With love on the journey.

Ryan & Rena

Pause Cofounders


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