Short moments, many times.

Dear Friends,

There I was in the kitchen yesterday morning, whipping up some good ole' fashioned oatmeal and apples for Ryan and myself.

Well, technically my body was in the kitchen as my limbs maneuvered ingredients from the cupboard into the pot. But my brain and attention were completely elsewhere – lost in the avalanche of to-do's for our upcoming wedding in Montana (side celebration: we're getting hitched over Labor Day – yay!!). But back to the oatmeal.

I felt frazzled with everything on my list and regretted taking time to cook (30 minute steel cut oats, mind you). Cheerios, where art thou?? About 15 minutes in, my mindful lightbulb clicked on and I realized....RENA....where are you? Be present! Tune in!

I paused, and in that single moment, it was as though the world sprung to life in front of my eyes. I was in a wash of pleasant sensations....the warm, nutty smell of slow cooked oats wafted into the cool morning air. I watched the steam rise up from the oats in a brilliant, opaque swirl. I could hear the little *poof* *poof* of each air bubble as it journeyed from the pan's floor to the surface of the mush. I could smell sweet hints of the raisins I had spooned into a bowl. I listened to the satisfying crunch of chopping walnuts and then lifted one up to investigate. MY GOD. Have you ever looked closely at a whole walnut? They're incredible! Next time you're in close proximity, take note.

I felt my bare feet on the floor. The cool tile was refreshing and sympathetic in the midst of this hot, smoggy weather. I sensed the tension I’d been carrying in my shoulders all morning and let it soften with a big sigh.

I looked down at Jack, our roommate’s sweet old dog who had been fervently standing at my toes from the moment I turned on the stove. He looked up at me and cocked his head with this look that said, “See….I’ve been mindful thi