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Honoring the Feminine

Guided Meditation + Resources

Enjoy this nourishing practice that guides you out of doing mode and into BEING mode. You will gently rest your attention on the feminine energy within and around you as you relax your body and tap into your inherent wellspring of intuition, creativity, and connection.

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We all have masculine and feminine energies within us, regardless of our biological sex. Here are some of the qualities associated with each energy:


We live in a world that values and prioritizes the masculine energy – this DOING mode that we are all often swept up in. When we take time to shift into BEING mode and cultivate our feminine energy, we may discover a greater sense of harmony and fulfillment in our life.

6 Ways to Cultivate Your Feminine Energy

Honoring the Feminine Postcard (1).png
Honoring the Feminine Postcard (1).png

Guided Meditation Transcript 

Welcome to the Honoring the Feminine guided meditation practice. I’m Rena, with Pause.


Begin by bringing yourself to a comfortable seated or lying down position. Allowing your body to get comfortable, rested. 

Letting the palms face upwards, a way to open yourself, to receive. 

Gently closing the eyes, if that feels comfortable for you, and beginning to welcome this journey inward.


Slowing down and giving yourself full permission to shift out of DOING mode, and into BEING mode, for the next little while. Welcoming this way of BEING that is so vital. So rejuvenating.


Beginning to notice the rhythm of the breath flowing in and out of the body. No need to change the breath, just noticing how it is right now. And as you breathe in, let your body begin to relax. Using the exhale to melt and surrender into the chair, the floor, the earth beneath you. Feeling this support.   


And here, perhaps beginning to gently lengthen the breath, slowing down the inhale.....gently releasing the exhale.


Taking another deep inhale, feeling the lungs expand...gently breathing out, softening, letting go. 


Taking one more deep breath, breathing in and feeling the sensations of fullness…..and audible sigh here, releasing the breath, letting it all go, relaxing the body.  


Allowing the breath to return to its natural rhythm, and slowly beginning to visualize a beautiful, warm white light enveloping your entire body, feeling this warm, healing energy and receiving it through every pore of your skin. Receiving and relaxing. 


Visualizing this light coming in through the top of the head, melting any thoughts, calming the mind.  


Allowing this soft, healing energy to melt down the face, softening all of the facial muscles. The brow. The corners of the eyes. The region of the jaw. 


Softening the muscles in the neck...releasing...and allowing this to trickle down into the shoulders. Relaxing the shoulders. If there are responsibilities or burdens that you’re carrying right now, letting them glide off the sides of the shoulders, allowing your upper back to completely release. Softening toward the ground. And as we continue to move through the body, if there are certain areas of that you’re unable to relax, that’s perfectly okay. You can simply bring a kind, warm attention to these parts of the body, allowing yourself to feel whatever you feel in each moment. 


Beginning to release any effort in the arms. Letting the arms become heavy. Sensing this warm white light filling the upper arms, the forearms…all the way down, flowing out into the hands. Feeling a beautiful tingling sensation in the fingertips, the palms. Soften the hands from the inside out. Receiving this gentle energy. 


Welcoming this warm, white light into the area of the heart. Softening the chest, receiving this next breath, and feeling the lungs open. Letting each breath soften the heart. Breathing into the breadth and the depth that’s here. Feeling the chest completely relax. Opening. Letting go.


Slowly beginning to soften the muscles in the belly, releasing and breathing this warm, nourishing light down into the belly, bringing life to all of your internal organs. Allowing the breath to swirl, open, activate gently massage the belly. Relaxing, letting the belly be soft. At ease. 


And if the mind wanders off at any point, perhaps drawing you back into DOING mode, just notice this movement of the mind, and then gently guide your attention back with a flavor of kindness. Opening back up to receiving. Allowing. Feeling the breath flowing in and out of the belly. 


Now breathing this warm, bright energy deep into your hips. Feeling your seat relax, softening through the hips. Releasing any tension you’re holding here. Becoming aware of your pelvic bowl, and breathing deep into the pelvic basin. Feeling a sense of groundedness. Connection. Imagining this warm, radiant light filling the entire lower abdomen with each breath. If it’s right for you, you make like to rest one hand on your heart and one hand on your lower abdomen. Feeling the body breathing. Feeling the warmth of the hands. Sensing into the lower belly – this region of the body that is the source of our intuition, the wellspring of our feminine energy. Our radiance. Our power. Our creativity. Our connection. There is a deeper wisdom here. Not intellectual, but intuitive, knowing.


Seeing if you can let yourself soften here. Allowing a sense of opening, vulnerability. Perhaps a gentle sense of surrender. Letting this energy melt down through the legs, relaxing the thighs, the backs of the legs, softening the knees. Sensing this warmth, this light, flowing down through the shins and the calves. Spreading down through the ankles and out into the feet. The tops of the feet. Spreading through the middle and the souls of the feet . Sensing this warmth trickle out into all of the toes. Softening the feet from the inside out.


Slowly beginning to feel this beautiful, warm energy encompass the entire body. From the soles of the feet all the way up to the crown of the head. Breathing this vitality into each and every cell. Feeling the body at ease. Non-doing. Sensing this beautiful energy, this natural flow of life, within you, and all around you – in the person next to you, and in all of the people here in this room. Sensing this radiant energy filling each person, and filling this entire space with this warm, bright light. Allowing and receiving. Resting in this healing energy, and knowing this at the core of who you are – this nourishing, feminine energy that is always within you. It’s here to be discovered when you slow down, listen, and open to receive. And when we practice shifting into being and feeling into our body, we offer ourselves the possibility of operating more from this place of deep connection and intuition, moment to moment as we move throughout our life.

Allowing yourself to linger in this state of relaxation, this openness, as long as you would like.

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