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Careers With Pause

Our Mission

We help people become mindful leaders 
in their personal lives, workplaces, and communities.

Our modern world is defined by busyness, digital overwhelm, and anxiety. As a result, most of us are living life on autopilot. We’re distracted, reactive, disconnected from each other, and have little energy left for wholehearted living.

Simply put, there's a better way to live.

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It’s up to each of us to:

✓ Pause the busyness.

✓ Create space for what matters most.

✓ Develop a deep inner reservoir of resilience, love, and wholeness.

✓ Make conscious choices that help heal our world.

As we individually commit to this journey of becoming mindful leaders, we are collectively shaping the more beautiful and uplifting world we know is possible.

I appreciate the authenticity at Pause. You will always feel welcome just as you are. 


You don’t have to know anything in particular. Don’t have to have any gear, have met any gurus, believe in any one thing. Just the practice, sitting and being together.

~ Pause Community Member

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Pause Culture

Joining the Pause team would be a great fit if you:

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Are passionate about mindfulness.

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Value diversity, inclusion, and the inherent wholeness and brilliance of every person.

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Love connecting with other humans.

Want to feel GREAT about the work you do each day.

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Are motivated to show up as an ally in anti-racism work.

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Are eager to make a living doing something meaningful.

Are ready to roll up your sleeves, navigate uncertainty, and take mindful initiative!

Are stoked to join a leading organization in the modern mindfulness movement.

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Are looking for a longer-term career path. We’re committed to investing in our people, and we’re looking for someone eager to invest in Pause for 2 or more years (assuming we’re a good fit!).

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You’re a big fan of Pause! You know all about us. You tell your friends and family about our work. You read our newsletter. You believe deeply in our mission.

Past Positions

Community Manager

We're hiring a Community Manager to lead and inspire our client/member relations and studio management.

This position is now filled.
Please stay tuned for future openings.

Thank you for your interest in working with Pause!

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