We believe pausing in daily life is key.

When we pause, even for a few moments, we are able to see our lives, and any situation we find ourselves in, more clearly. It is from this place that we can take a deep breath and choose our next step with intention. These moments add up in a profound way to make life better for ourselves, and for everyone around us. 

We are all on this extraordinary human journey of creating meaningful, fulfilling lives and meditation is a practical and powerful practice to support us along the way. Day by day, moment by moment.

Pausing helps us untangle from the rush of modern life and discover a sense of peace.


Most people who seek out meditation feel overwhelmed with the busyness, chaos, and stress of everyday living. They're hopeful meditation can help, yet they have no clue how to integrate it into their already brimming lifestyle. It's precisely this reason that the concept of pausing inspired our organization. Pausing is the means through which we can create space, balance, and wholeness amidst the hustle.

"Short moments, many times."

Pausing is not about dropping your entire life as you know it – family, home, job, etc – and taking up residence at a monastery (unless you're so inclined, in which case we highly recommend these amazing folks). Instead, it's about creating little pockets every day – to slow down and tune-in. To drop the narrative, take a DEEP breath, feel your feet on the ground, appreciate that first bite of lunch, or truly listen to a friend (or your own heart) who's hurting. You'll notice the whirr of your thoughts without being consumed by them. We invite you to explore for yourself. With practice, you'll begin to notice your life transform as you show up 100% for these short moments, one at a time. Try smelling your coffee grounds in the morning, or fully feeling that hug from your kid on their way out the door. You have the choice to tune in, right now, through a mindful pause.

Pausing makes us feel better, mentally and physically.

When we slow down, we're able to tune in to what's actually happening in our minds and bodies – to take stock in how we feel or what we need. We've learned to ignore or override much of our inherent wisdom in the name of productivity. Sadly, this is costing us our health, happiness and ironically, our productivity. When we pause, we take better care of ourselves. As a result, we're more easygoing, playful, and flexible. We're a better family member and co-worker because we don’t get stressed or stuck as easily. We don't sweat the small stuff, and we have more energy to soak in the good stuff. Meditation helps us enjoy life, individually and together.

Pausing is critical for connection.

All of our relationships flow out of the relationship we have with ourself. When we practice, not only do we feel better, but we are more understanding and compassionate toward our own struggles. This ripples out into our world and the people we care about and interact with. We become better listeners and we're able to respond more thoughtfully to life's ups and downs. We're less reactive and irritable. We have more patience. We're able to love more fully. Through these strengths, we develop a sense of ease and groundedness. Being a calm, grounded person in a seemingly chaotic world is invaluable on so many levels. 

Pausing helps us see clearly.

As we whirl about our modern lives, we are often completely immersed in our thoughts and stories and so easily lose touch with what's actually happeningOur experience is so clouded with planning, judgement, future worries, and past woes that we have very little energy left to enjoy ourselves. And, no surprise, this causes a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety. We believe our external circumstances are responsible, but most of this struggle actually comes from our inability to see clearly.

Daily pauses help us clean our window through which we see the world. When we slow down and tune-in, we recognize how loud and unhelpful our thought patterns are and how much unnecessary drama they cause. With practice, we develop a new relationship with these unhelpful thoughts and discover underneath the chatter, a much deeper sense of clarity and ease. In the words of Bhante Gunaratana, "Meditation is the mental art of stepping out of our own way." 

Our lives are made up of moments.


We experience and remember moments, not months or years. Short pauses throughout each day add up over time in a profound way, and can turn into longer, more meaningful pauses throughout life. When we first launched this website, we had a quote from Ferris Bueller on the homepage: "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." 

Life is so precious. We don't want to miss it.

Pausing is the gateway for greater awareness, compassion, and fulfillment. In this moment, right now, and in each moment hereafter.

This is it.

With love,

Ryan & Rena, co-founders