Open Studio

We're excited to offer our members open studio times in the beautiful, peaceful atmosphere of Pause!

Join us for open quiet space for your personal mindfulness or meditation practice.

Main Studio Area

Meditation Den


Mondays – 10:30a - 12p

Tuesdays – 7:45-8:45a and 4-5:30p

Wednesdays – 10:30a - 12p

Thursdays – 7:45-8:45a

Fridays – 10:30a - 12p

How It Works

You're welcome to come and go at any point during the open studio time.


You can sign up in advance (online or via the app) or drop in and we'll check you in when you arrive.

Main Studio Area

The wood floor space, lounge, and tea area will be available for your use however you see fit:


❖  Relax and sip a cup of tea as you decompress

❖  Read your favorite book (or find one in the Pause library)

❖  Practice yoga or mindful movement

❖  Meditate

❖  Sit and do absolutely nothing (see also: BE )

❖  Gaze mindfully out the window :)

❖  Your fave wellness practice


We ask that you keep things real quiet (library-style) to respect the practice of others in the space. We also request that you put all of your digital devices away and use this opportunity to fully unplug.


Meditation Den

The den will be open for seated or lying down meditation practice in a more secluded space. You're welcome to enter and leave on your own time, but please be mindful of fellow meditators and don’t come and go frequently (think sauna etiquette).


Email us: – we're happy to explain further or answer any questions you have. We can also give you a quick rundown when you join for your first open sit. We look forward to practicing with you soon.

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