Crystal Bowl Sound Bath with Shalom Mayberg

Thursday, September 26 from 7-8:30pm

$20 in advance / $25 day of

at Pause Studio

Join us for this special evening of sound healing and relaxation. Lie comfortably on your back while the sounds and vibrations of the crystal bowls move through you.

About the Event 

With the use of Quartz Crystal singing bowls, a Native American drum, Tibetan and Indian bells and chimes, and a loving voice, Shalom creates a soundscape where one can relax, naturally unwind, and enter a space where profound healing and growth can take place. The group rests peacefully on their back while the sounds and vibrations fill the room and body moving in, out, and around; an energetic massage-like experience from the inside out. This experience will help you release stress, nourish your nervous system, and immerse your mind and body into a deep state of relaxation, balance, and wellbeing.

About Shalom Mayberg

Shalom Mayberg is a sound healer, yoga teacher and intuitive energy practitioner. Trained in India and Asia, he offers healing modalities that are practical and useful in everyday life, providing a sense of groundedness and a safe space for people to be present, relax, and heal. Shalom thoughtfully blends Eastern and Western philosophies in a way that is easy to grasp and provides opportunities for growth regardless of experience level. Shalom also leads three-day crystal bowl sound bath teacher trainings. Follow and find out more at or @omshalom.pdx.

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