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What we choose to focus our attention on is powerful and shapes the world we see and experience.

Meditation gives us hope. It shows us that our crazed emotions and neurotic patterns of thought are not hopeless. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

As scarce as space may seem, it actually does exist. In abundance. It's everywhere. We just need to be intentional about finding it or creating it ourselves, and that's where the practice of meditation can really help.

This meditation is shared from the Pause Channel on Aura.

Transform your daily coffee routine into a mindful moment that centers your mind and prepares you for a great day.

We have a confession. We love coffee. From the glorious aromas and delectable flavors to the sound...

Traveling is such a privilege. We are beyond grateful for every opportunity to travel – be it a mini road trip to Seattle, or a flight (plus free peanuts!)

If you've never tried laughter meditation, you might consider giving it a whirl. Laughter has many energizing and healing benefits – lightness, connection, stress reduction and emotional release, to name a few.

In our world today, there is much to be taken seriously, s...

February has arrived, and for many, today marks the beginning of the end of New Year's resolutions. So long, it's been a great ride...

We're curious – why, year after year, do resolutions fade or dissolve altogether? Is it lack of motivation? Power of old habi...

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It’s really one of our greatest luxuries - the empty space.
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