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On this webpage, you will find guided recordings, materials, weekly lessons, and mindful tools to help you develop and sustain your mindfulness practice at work.

Short Meditations for Stress Relief

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High Performance + Resilience


“Busyness” is the norm in our fast-paced and distraction-filled world. In order to keep up with the pace and pressure of modern demands, we often rely on autopilot and a state of continuous partial attention. As a result, this habit of living unconsciously, multi-tasking, and perpetually planning for the future takes a great toll on our health, wellbeing, and ultimately, our work performance. We're left feeling incessantly behind, stressed out, and craving more space.


One highly effective way to create more space in our lives and counteract this buildup of stress and reactivity is to consciously integrate mindful pauses into our day. Just like turning off a car engine that's overheating, when we give our brain and nervous system even a 5-minute break, we'll function much more optimally (in the short and long run). Pausing also supports our mental and physical resilience, reducing the likelihood that we'll experience burnout.


No one has time for meditation. You have to make the time – and it will pay off, we promise! Schedule 2x per day on your calendar to practice with this 5-minute guided recording.

Pause for 3 Deep Breaths


Choose ONE small activity in your daily work routine that you could "tether" three deep breaths to (ex: each time you send an email, sit down to your computer, wash your hands, pick up your phone, walk through a doorway, etc):

  • Step 1: PAUSE for one second and let yourself become still

  • Step 2: Relax your body and soften obvious areas of tension (eyes, jaw, shoulders, arms, hands, abdomen, legs)

  • Step 3: Take 3 gentle deep breaths, fully aware of each inhale and exhale (bringing yourself back when your mind wanders)

  • Step 4: Proceed with your activity

Pause tip! Use sticky notes that say "Pause" or "Breathe" to leave reminders for yourself


Mindful Tools for the Modern Workplace

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